N&O on Shavlik

The N&O this morning ran a full recap of all of Shavlik Randolph's in-home visits. The article said Randolph aims to make a decision by mid-November, though there have been indications that a decision could come sooner than that. He is scheduled to be on an official visit to Chapel Hill for UNC's Midnight with Matt on Oct. 12-13.

Doherty scored points by being a regular guy. When he showed up Sunday, Randolph was in his room with some friends watching a video he had made of his buddies doing circus dunks on 8-foot baskets. Doherty went up and watched with them.

The main points that Doherty made during his visit: The best players in North Carolina traditionally go to Carolina. And next year's team is shaping up in a way that would allow Randolph to have an immediate impact.

Doherty, known for his high emotions in front of the Tar Heel bench, took a low-key approach in the recruiting game.

"He was pretty mild-mannered when he visited here," Randolph said.

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