UNC-NCSU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Roy Williams answered questions from reporters following North Carolina's 107-56 win over NC State on Sunday.

Opening Comments:

"Well, we were pretty doggone good. And the other part of that was Dennis (Smith) getting his third foul - getting in foul trouble - was a huge part of that, too. It sort of started snowballing. Justin made several threes and everything started going well for us. We've had some days where it's as ugly as possibly can be an today it was really pretty at times. ...

"Dennis is the leader of the Pack and him getting in foul trouble like that was huge for us. They turned it over a ton of times and he (Smith) usually dominates the ball and doesn't turn it over - he's leading the ACC in assists. We made shots. First half they had more offensive rebounds than they did and in the second half we had 10 more than they did...

"We set the tone defensively, I thought early we were good. ... Again, it's a crazy game, we had no one that played more than 20 minutes. But that's college basketball, it's about as wild a swing as you can see from the way we played at Tech compared to the way we played today. ...

"Was really happy 16,000 people showed up. They were into the game and we gave them a lot of things to cheer about. The maintenance crew and the people that did all the work outside -- because it was a nightmare yesterday at 5:00 when I was leaving here -- everybody did a great job getting the place ready to play." 

What kind of a boost did Theo Pinson give the team today in his first game back?

"Theo, I talked to him two different times and told him 'You don't have to hit a home run,' and on two of his three shots he tried to hit a home run. He's a 'stat sheet stuffer,' that's who Theo is. He has five assists, zero turnovers, four steals, five rebounds and 0-for-3. I wanted to get him some minutes and had no idea how he would play - what he did was about what I expected. He got 13 minutes and we'll try to get him more work. During the course of the preseason he earned more minutes than that so we have to get him back to that stage."

With 37 points on 26 forced turnovers, was the team that much more active defensively tonight?

"We haven't been playing at the pace I've wanted us to play at the last few games, to say the least. The emphasis in practice on Friday ... we really tried to emphasize pushing the ball, getting back to who we want to be. And, yeah, I think that was big for us."

What do you say to your guys at halftime when you're up 33 points?

"I challenged them to play like it was 0-0. I reminded them that we were ahead at Georgia Tech at halftime. Needless to say it's a significant margin, but I didn't talk about winning the game - I talked about playing better in the second half and again the offensive rebounds because they had seven and we had four."

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