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Commitment Q&A: UNC a 'Good Fit' for Athlete C.J. Cotman

Four-star athlete C.J. Cotman accelerated his decision date by nearly three weeks and committed to UNC. The 5-foot-10, 175-pounder from Clearwater (Fla.) Central Catholic discussed his decision with Inside Carolina following the pledge...

C.J. Cotman Commitment Q&A

Why did you decide to commit to UNC?

"I just really loved it when I went up there. Coach [Chad] Scott, he had a big part of it. I love all the coaches; they show a lot of love. I think it's a good fit for me and I can see myself coming in and making a big impact."

Can you elaborate more on your relationship with Coach Scott?

"Coach Scott, he was at Kentucky at first, but he has been on me forever. He never gave up. And then when he went to North Carolina, he kept it going. We have a real close bond. I like that about Coach Scott. He's a real good person. He tells the truth."

Originally, you were going to wait until Signing Day to announce. What changed?

"This recruitment is getting crazy. I just wanted to settle down and not have to worry about it any more, because I have a school that I like and it's a school that I want to go to."

When did you make the decision to commit on Thursday?

"[Thursday], as a matter of fact. I just basically woke up and felt I was ready. I had to talk to my dad first and he said, 'It's a good place and you like it.' And I talked to my uncle. So I just made it official."

How did the actual commitment go down?

"Coach Scott, he came down [Thursday]. I talked to him about it. I just let him know. And then I talked to the head coach. I told [Larry Fedora] I was ready to do this and he was fired up about it."

When did you actually tell Coach Scott?

"He came by my school first and I just gave him a hint that I was thinking about it. But then I actually committed when he came to my house. He was fired up and he was real happy about it."

How did you tell Coach Fedora?

"I talked to him over the phone. He was the same way: fired up."

Beside committing, what did Coach Scott touch on Thursday?

"He just wanted to see where my head was. He wanted to see if they were still in the front. I just let him know that I wanted to go there."

Position wise, where does UNC project you?

"They like me at DB and slot receiver. When I get there, they'll make that decision."

Even before you committed, you were in the process of shutting your recruitment down. Are you finished with official visits?

"Oh yea, no more."

How does it feel to get your decision out of the way?

"It feels great that I know I have a place that I know I'm going to be attending to play football."


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