Jordan Tucker (Photo by Chad Simmons)

OL Jordan Tucker 'All Smiles' After Committing to UNC

Jordan Tucker announced that he had committed to UNC on Monday night. The 6-foot-6, 320-pound offensive lineman from Roswell (Ga.) discussed his decision with IC...

Jordan Tucker COMMITMENT Q&A

Your initially plan was take your recruitment to Signing Day. What changed your mind?

"I had a feeling once I really got back in contact with UNC that I really wanted to go there. And they were straight up with me and said, 'We are looking at another tackle.' But, they really wanted me to commit, though. They said if I wanted the spot, I should take it and not wait. That really made me think about stuff. I decided to go ahead and take the spot."

What was it about UNC that you liked so much?

"Ultimately, I'd say it was the family aspect of it. It's not just a football team and it's not just a place to go school -- it's everything. It's all those combined into one. And they really focused on football and academics, and that's really important to me."

What role did your relationship with offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic play?

"Yea, he's great. I love him. Just like any other coach, there's going to be tough times, but he really shows that he has my back, that he's going to be there all the time, and really be a dad away from home. That's a very important factor."

You hadn't visited UNC prior to this past weekend's official visit. What impact did that have?

"I had Tyrone Hopper, who just graduated from Roswell High School and we've known each other since we were kids, tell me a lot about UNC. But, but seeing it is different. It's just the campus and the overall vibe of the students and everything. I like how everyone says 'Hi' to you and it's not, 'Oh, he's just a football player.' It's: we're all UNC and we're all a family together."

Part of your UNC official visit was the basketball win over Florida State in the Smith Center. What was that like?

"There's no comparison to UNC basketball, just because they always put on a show no matter what."

When you met with Larry Fedora to end your official visit, what was his message to you?

"He told me that he really wants me. And he was really excited that I came up. And he knows that I'm a beast on the field and he wants to help me make myself better to someone that could play on Sundays. But not only that, he wants to see me be somebody that will have a high paying job in the future. He's really looking forward to my future."

Where does Coach Kap see you fitting into his offensive line?

"He sees me as a tackle. And he says, if I really work, he sees me getting PT [playing time] next year. He knows I can play in high school, so it's just a matter of coming in and working and getting used to the times and schedules."

When did you actually commit to the coaches?

"I did a silent commitment with the coaches yesterday, right before I left. But I decided now to release it [publicly]."

Was there a moment during the visit when the thought of committing actually hit you?

"Yea. I would say Saturday evening going into Saturday night, after seeing the academic services that they offer and just the team interacting together. I just knew then I wanted to be here for the next four years."

You have official visits scheduled to Mississippi State and South Carolina. What's the status of those?

"Yea, I'm canceling all of those visits, because I'm a Tar Heel and that's my home. I don't want to go on any other visits."

You had somewhat of a rollarcoaster ride of a recruitment -- you committed to Tennessee, but de-committed, and then restarted. How does it feel to know that you have a college home?

"I'm feeling excited. I'm very happy. Everybody says I'm nothing but smiles, but honestly I am nothing but smiles. I'm very, very excited that I have a home for the next four years and it's somewhere where I know I'm going to be happy."

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