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Four-star WR Tre Turner Cutting His List

Seven schools have clinched a berth on Turner's finalists list.

GREENSBORO, N.C. --- The 2018 recruiting season won't officially begin until next week, but four-star wide receiver Tre Turner is already burnt out by the process.

"I don't like talking to every school, every single day," Turner said. "I'm tired of wasting people's time."

Nearly 20 schools have offered Turner a scholarship (while Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State have said they could have an offer for him after Signing Day next week). The 6-foot-4, 175-pounder from Northwest Guilford High will cut his list of offers at least in half sometime this spring. 

"I'm in the process of breaking down schools and eliminating where I don't want to go because it's too far or something," Turner said. "I've been thinking a lot. And my mom, my coach, and I have been talking a lot; we're going to have a meeting next month to talk about final evaluations."

Turner says that Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech are safe to make his spring finalists list.

"Those are the schools that have been on me the hardest, they have the best situation for me, and my family likes those schools," Turner said. "If my family doesn't like a school, then I'm not going to waste my time."

Additionally, of the safe seven he has visited, Turner has felt a family atmosphere while on their respective campuses. He has taken at least one visit to all but Penn State and South Carolina. 

Off the gridiron, Turner excels at basketball and plans to also continue to play that sport in college. With the exception of Miami and Penn State, he has discussed being a dual-sport athlete with each staff. So far, every staff has been accepting of the idea.

After making his spring cut, Turner isn't sure where he'll go with his recruitment. But, he knows he'll take his official visits prior to committing.

"I don't want to be committed somewhere and then go to another college for a weekend," Turner said. "If I'm already committed, why would I go to another college? I just don't see the purpose in that. Some players do that -- and no disrespect to them -- but I'm not that type of guy."

This Saturday, Turner was supposed to return to UNC for its "Freak Fest" junior day. However, Saturday also happens to be his girlfriend's birthday. Thus, he made the decision to remain in Greensboro.

Turner will, though, attend at least one UNC spring practice, as well as the Tar Heels' elite junior day, which will be held in conjunction with the basketball game against Duke, on March 4.

For many attendees, the March 4 junior day will be their first live UNC-Duke basketball game. But Turner has been in attendance when his brother, P.J. Hairston, participated in the rivalry.

Speaking of Hairston, Turner has thought about the ramifications of attending a school where his older brother was a star basketball player.

"It makes you think a lot, because everybody loved my brother around there," Turner said. "And then now, you have to make the decision about which school you're going to go to. Who's going to love you and who's not going to love you? But, the end of the day, it's still my decision about where I want to go; it's not about pleasing everybody else."

Turner says he hasn't been pushed towards UNC by Hairston. On the other hand, the unceremonious ending to his UNC career -- thanks to an NCAA investigation -- hasn't led Hairston to push his younger brother away from Chapel Hill either.

"He likes Carolina," Turner said. "He cheers for Carolina no matter who they're playing against. But, he's not like, 'Don't go to Carolina, because they messed me up.'  He knows that he messed up -- he made the wrong decision. 

"He respects all of my decisions with my recruitment."

Turner says the rest of his family has yet to share their feelings on UNC.

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