UNC-Miami: Roy Williams Postgame

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- UNC's head coach spoke to reporters following his team's 77-62 loss at Miami on Saturday.

Opening Statement:
“There’s not a lot to say. It was a big-time kicking of our rear ends, is what it was. They were much more aggressive going towards the boards, going after loose balls. When I say aggressive that is not intended in any way to mean anything dirty. They were quicker to every loose ball. The first two or three minutes I think we thought it was going to be easy, and then they hit us right in the mouth and kept doing it for about 40 minutes. Second half we got it down to 11 at one point and got them to miss and the ball was laying on the floor and we didn’t have anybody dive for it, they got it and made a three and made it back to 14. We could have gotten inside double figures and that was with eight minutes to play. I know I’m looking at a 77-62 game that lasted 40 minutes but that was a big play as far as I’m concerned.

"But they were just more aggressive in everything they did. I thought (Bruce) Brown was tremendous, we couldn’t keep him from getting to the basket and when we backed off him he made threes. That’s one of the worst rebounding games we’ve had all year long… we couldn’t get an offensive rebound and we couldn’t stop them from getting an offensive rebound. It’s a weird day for me to see another team have 11 fast break points and we have zero. You have to congratulate Miami. They were much more ready to play, were into it, were focused… I don’t want anybody to say anything about Thursday night and Saturday at 1…. That’s hard but it’s our schedule and it’s what you’ve got to do. We didn’t do a good job with it. Bottom line is they kicked our tails from on court and on the bench.”

Did you expect their zone?
“Yeah. I thought they played man and zone both, but they had so much success with the zone because we were doing a terrible job of getting the ball inside. When we did shoot it we weren’t making it. I think we made a three early and I think we only made one three the rest of the first half…. Bigs did a terrible job of moving inside and the guards did a terrible job of getting it to them. We pulled the trigger too quickly on the threes at that point and their head coach didn’t get them ready to play at that point.”

How much did the absence of Theo Pinson affect your guys?
“I don’t think it had… no. You use that as an excuse. It’s still North Carolina playing. They had some good players out there and supposedly a good coach who didn’t do a very good job.”

In the last 13 minutes of the first half, did you think your team was rushing a lot of shots?
“I thought we rushed every shot after the first three or four possessions because we never had a chance to get the ball inside. As I said, the big guys weren’t moving and when they were open we weren’t doing a good job of getting the ball inside. Just because somebody plays zone doesn’t mean you have to throw up a three pointer every time or wait until the late clock.”

Does that play into the stream of turnovers in the first half?
“Probably. We had nine turnovers at half. My gosh, we had seven the other night in a 40 minute game. We had nine turnovers at half and they weren’t very good turnovers.”

What did you tell the team at half time?
“I told them that we didn’t play very well but there’s still 20 more minutes to play. They beat us by 300 in the first half, we should be able to beat them by 300 in the second half.”

What was the message afterward?
“That’s between me and my team.”

Did you get an explanation on Joel Berry’s technical foul?
“Yeah but…. He said something the official didn’t like. I think it’s the first technical a player has had since 2011 or 2012. It’s not acceptable.”

What did they do inside to limit Kennedy Meeks?
“We didn’t move very well and didn’t get him the ball when he was in a position. And then they were very active. They caught the ball inside and turned around and laid it up. Every time we laid it up they were spiking it like a volleyball game. They were active around the goal protecting the rim. They were really, really involved defensively. I would think and hope the dickens that 20.7 is the lowest percent I’ve ever had a team shoot in my entire life.”

When do you hope to have some clarity on Theo?
“I would think in the next few days we'll get some more information, probably.”

What do you attribute the fast break points to?
“Them doing a better job of what their coach wanted them to do. My team didn’t do what I wanted them to do. It looked like a different team out on the court to me and they probably looked at me and thought I was a different coach than they’ve had recently.”

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