Grad Transfer Stanton Truitt Saw Opportunity, Comfort at UNC

Stanton Truitt announced intentions to transfer to UNC on Sunday. The 5-foot-9, 185-pound athlete discussed his decision with IC...

Stanton Truitt Q&A

Why did you decide to transfer to UNC?

"I've been thinking about it. It was just one of those things where I saw the opportunity and that's a tough opportunity to pass up. They have good coaches on the staff and it's a great academic school."

What were some of the other opportunities that you had to choose from?

"I had Miami, Kansas State, FAU, Syracuse, Nevada, Virginia Tech."

UNC recruited you out of high school and you actually visited the school twice as a high school recruit. 

"It's crazy. When I actually got the call from Coach [Larry] Fedora and those guys after I put it out [that I'd be transferring], it was a no brainer. But he let me know, 'I still want you.' Me having a relationship with him previously was a big part. North Carolina, actually, was one of my top schools out of high school."

You officially visited UNC and FAU earlier this month, when did you decide UNC was your next move?

"It took me a little minute, honestly. I loved the school after leaving, I just wanted to make sure I was making the best decision. I looked at my other choices: Virginia Tech, Miami, Kansas State. I saw an opportunity [at UNC] that I just couldn't pass up. So, I went with it."

What role did your official visit to UNC play?

"It was big. It was different coming out of high school than when you're a graduate. I just kind of understood the business side of it, trying to make sure that I felt comfortable, and it had everything I needed academically. [The official visit] allowed me to get a feel for the place and the coaches. It wasn't too much about meeting people or going out, it was more so trying to figure out how I felt about the school and the coaches."

Ultimately, what sold you on UNC?

"It's just the opportunity that was there. I knew, of course, when Elijah [Hood] left and a bunch of guys at the receiver position left, it would be a good opportunity to come in and try to do what I was trying to do; that is come in and make plays. And also, academically --  North Carolina is just a school you know about academically. It worked out in my favor in a lot of things."

You mentioned both running back and receiver. Where does UNC see you fitting in at?

"I'll actually be doing both; so I'll do some running back stuff [and] some receiver stuff."

Have you received an idea of what position group you'll spend the most time with, say in practice?

"I'll probably start out at running back, but we're still getting stuff down. I'm not really sure, at the moment."

What's you're eligibility situation?

"I'll be eligible right away and I'll have two years of eligibility."

Have you graduated from Auburn?

"I have. I graduated in December. I came in as a midyear, so I graduated in right around three years."

When will you enroll at UNC?

"We're working everything out as far as the dates and stuff like that. I'm just keeping in touch with Coach Fedora and Coach [Larry] Porter and everybody. As of right now, I'm not sure. We're still working on everything.

"They're trying to get me in as soon as possible. First summer semester would be ideal, but I don't think I'll have to wait until fall camp [in August]."

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