UNC Kicker Commit Noah Ruggles 'Ready To Be The Guy'

Noah Ruggles committed to UNC on Sunday before ending his official visit. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound kicker from Lutz (Fla.) Steinbrenner discussed his decision with IC...

Noah Ruggles Commitment Q&A

What happened on Sunday?

"I went into Coach [Larry] Fedora's office and he asked me where I was at with the recruiting process. I basically just told him that I'm in and I think I'm ready to be the guy."

What was Fedora's reaction to that news?

"He seemed pretty fired up. Both him and Coach [Larry] Porter had been talking to me all weekend, wanting me to be the guy."

Why did you decide to commit to UNC?

"I went up there and felt right at home. They have top-end facilities and the coaching staff is great. And I just feel like the future is bright for North Carolina. And that's a place I can really develop myself as a player and as a student."

Heading into the visit, did you envision committing?

"Yeah, I did. Everybody I talked to, I never heard anything bad about it. I just wanted to get up there and make sure it was where I wanted to be. And it was."

What other options did you have on the table?

"Vanderbilt offered, and that was basically it. I had West Point offer me, too. But Vanderbilt was the only other school that I officially visited."

How was the UNC offer extended to you?

"Coach Fedora came down to my school when he offered me the scholarship last week. That really spoke volumes to me -- that he came down himself and offered me that in person."

What have the coaches said their plan is for you?

"They think I can come in right away and compete in field goals and kickoffs. I believe it, too, and I look forward to it."

For the most part, what did you do throughout your UNC official visit?

"I got to see all the facilities and meet all the people and learn more about North Carolina and what it has to offer."

Who was your player host for your UNC official visit? What did he talk to you about and show you?

"The first night I had long snapper Kyle [Murphy]. And then the second night I had Nathan Elliott.

"I got to meet a lot of guys on the team and they just seemed like family. It wasn't just like, 'You're a kicker, you're part of the team.' They answered all my questions and did a really good job."

When you met with Fedora on Sunday, what did he talk to you about, prior to you committing?

"We just kind of recapped the weekend basically. I knew I was going to commit going in there."

A week ago, who you were going to sign with was up in the air. Now that you know you'll be signing with UNC on Wednesday, how does that feel?

"Relief. But I'm super excited, though."


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