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Thursday's links from around the 'net.

"Preparing for its second game, the North Carolina football team remains unacquainted with the 10-yard stretches of real estate at the two ends of the football field."
Emphasis on points
The Raleigh News and Observer

"Cape Fear High graduate Jeff Longhany gave North Carolina's John Bunting at least one reason to praise the Tar Heels' defense after Saturday's shellacking by Florida State."
Coach praises Longhany
The Fayetteville Observer

"Bunting said freshman running back Ronnie McGill would see "as much or more" time than he did during Saturday's 12-yard, 48-yard performance. The depth chart shows McGill is even with last week's starter, Willie Parker."
Bunting continues shuffle in lineup for North Carolina
The Times-News

"Sandy Kinney spent 26 years coaching with Bill Dooley on the collegiate level."
Old buddies square off at JV football game
The New Bern Sun Journal

"Through the summer, the swirl of controversy around the ACC's expansion largely died down. But the transition to adding Miami and Virginia Tech is sure to come up again next Wednesday, when the conference's athletic directors meet in Greensboro, N.C."
Conference Championship Debate
The Washington Post

"He watched his football team, with its wheels having gone flat, backfire at one end and hiss at the other. Imagine the saddest of rusted heaps, abandoned on the side of a gravel road ... and you've got the 2002 Syracuse University Orangemen of Paul Pasqualoni, whose crest became a grimace and whose signature became a shrug."
Advice to fans: Writing off SU a bit premature
The Post Standard

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