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Kevin Knox Completes UNC Basketball Official Visit

Top 10 forward expected to decide in about a month.

Hours after completing the official visit to North Carolina, Kevin Knox's father - Kevin Knox Sr. - discussed his family's weekend in Chapel Hill, his son's recruitment and North Carolina's final pitch.

What about this visit was different from his unofficial trips to North Carolina?

You could definitely tell they were a little more serious this time around. They were, you might say, going in for the close. They were talking specifically about the need and the want for Kevin. They need a person who is 6-foot-9, who can handle, who can shoot, dribble, rebound and be an all-around package for what they want to know. Someone explosive who can jump and dunk. We think Kevin is a great mix between Justin Jackson and Isaiah Hicks, with a sprinkle of Theo Pinson. For the way Carolina plays basketball, Kevin Knox fits that need. On an official visit you get a chance to get with a host, Theo Pinson, so that's different. All the other times you don't do that, so that was fun for him. He enjoyed it.

What was your schedule like during the visit?

We met with the academic folks on Saturday and then they obviously had the game against Virginia, so we met with the weight coach beforehand. Then after, Kevin went out with Joel and Theo. Today, there was a Special Olympics event going on. Every place we go, we always put up shots and get a workout in. So we got shots up, then went out to eat with Coach (Roy Williams).

Did they give you a final message?

They said 'hey, we want you. There is a need for you here at the University of North Carolina, and come and join Carolina.'

When do you think Kevin will announce?

It's probably going to be somewhere between the McDonald's All-American game which is March 29 through around April 5.

What did you all think of Justin Jackson's performance?

He played very well. The way Justin played Saturday and the way he's played this season -- if Justin decides to go to the NBA, we think we can come in and fulfill that role. We feel like everything Justin was doing, we can come in and do as well. Shooting the three, running off screens, attacking the basket and even add a little more flare and explosiveness to that aspect of the game. We feel we can add some of that, the type of dunks Brice Johnson and Isaiah Hicks give.

Are you or Kevin ready for his recruitment to reach its conclusion?

Not at all. Being a former athlete and being recruited, one of the things I bring to the table with my son is perspective about being recruited. Here's one thing I do know for sure, wherever we commit to, wherever we say we're going to play basketball [recruiting reporters from different schools] will probably never talk to us again. That's just the nature of things, it's on to the next recruit and then the next recruit. You can never say you're tired (of the recruiting process). I won a national championship, started on the Florida State football team, played with a Heisman Trophy winner, played for a hall of fame coach and got drafted, (and i've learned) there's going to come a day when they stop asking you questions, they stop wanting your autograph, they stop wanting your answers. That's why my son is really a slap hands, sign autographs, shake hands kind of guy. There will come a day when that will all stop.

Did he have a lot of people come up to him for autographs?

Oh yeah, that thing is everywhere. We were in the airport and a guy says 'hey that's Kevin Knox, I saw you at the game go to Kentucky.' We saw another guy that was like 'hey, that's Kevin Knox. We want you at Duke.' Then another guy that was like 'hey, that's Kevin Knox. I'm a UNC fan. Go to Carolina.' He's a walking autograph guy right now with the Twitter and the dunks. A lot of people recognized him. 

Knox and his father still plan to return to Chapel Hill in two weeks for the UNC-Duke game.


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