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As Decision Approaches, QB Quincy Patterson Visits UNC

UNC is one of two schools that Quincy Patterson is strongly favoring.

Planning to commit within a month, Quincy Patterson and two coaches from Chicago (Ill.) Solorio Academy embarked on a 32-hour, four-school road trip over the weekend. The trek included stopping by North Carolina on Saturday.

"It was great," Patterson said of UNC. "I loved everything about the school.

"The coaches showed dedication to the players and to what they're doing. It kind of showed throughout the visit -- the way the players talked about [the coaches], the way the players talked about the other players. It's all a product of how the coaches are. That was huge."

Patterson, a 6-foot-3, 219-pound quarterback, also dropped by NC State, Virginia, and Virginia Tech during his weekend road trip.

Unlike other recruits who visited UNC on Saturday, Patterson didn't attend UNC's basketball blowout of Virginia that night. However, before exiting campus he received his newest scholarship offer.

"I went into Coach [Larry] Fedora's office and he actually thought that Coach [Keith] Heckendorf had offered already," Patterson said. "He said something that led me to think that he thought that they had offered. So, I asked him, 'You guys offered?' And he was like,'Yea, Coach Heck didn't tell you?' 

"It's huge, especially because what they do with their quarterbacks. And considering Coach Fedora, the head coach, is directly involved with the offense."

Chicago is well outside of UNC's typical recruiting footprint. But, location won't play a role in Patterson's decision, as his willingness to drive to Chapel Hill on his own dime proves. Nevertheless, UNC more than makes up for its proximity from his family, Patterson says.

"It's everything in total -- the facilities, the coaches, and what they do with their quarterbacks," Patterson said. "I want to hopefully make it to the next level and knowing that they have a really good history with doing that with their quarterbacks is huge."

Twenty schools have offered Patterson. However, he has ostensibly clipped that list to Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi State, UNC, NC State, Syracuse, Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Among that top eight, ACC Coastal rivals UNC and Virginia Tech stand above, Patterson says.

"With Virginia Tech, I know that their engineering school -- when we visited there, we got to see it -- it was just amazing," Patterson said. "And then when we went to North Carolina, I know that North Carolina isn't huge into engineering, but everything else makes up for that."

Patterson is tentatively scheduled to visit Syracuse the first weekend of March. His goal is make his college decision a week after he returns from New York.

On Monday afternoon, Patterson called Heckendorf, UNC's quarterbacks coach, for a more detailed breakdown on how he would fit into UNC's plans.

"He told me about every quarterback that he has on roster," Patterson said. "And basically he said that I would be competing for a starting spot when I get there."

An opportunity to play as a true freshman won't necessarily swing Patterson in UNC's direction.

"That wouldn't so much move me to a school," Patterson said. "I don't expect to play my freshman year, because I think I could use a red-shirt year. If I know I'm not playing my freshman year, that's one thing that won't drive me crazy. But after that first year, I feel like playing will be ideal."

Playing in a spread offense that leans heavy on the read-option, Patterson threw for 1,000 yards and rushed for 1,000 more as a junior.

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