UNC's Focused on One Goal at a Time

UNC's approach means its only focus right now is winning the ACC's regular season title.

CHAPEL HILL -- The heartbreaking end to UNC's 2016 postseason run taught North Carolina a great deal, says Kennedy Meeks,  but the 2017 postseason goals have yet to cross his team's mind. 

"You still have a job to do, you still have games to finish out," Meeks said. "We want to be regular season champions."

The Tar Heels stand alone atop the ACC, but with back-to-back road games up next, the clinch of the regular season title will not come easy. 

"We talk about how important the regular season is to our team all the time," Roy Williams said. "Lets play right now and not be looking down the road. If you look down the road too much that’s where you’re going - down the road back home."

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