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NFL Combine Interviews: UNC RBs Elijah Hood & T.J. Logan

INDIANAPOLIS -- Elijah Hood and T.J. Logan are at the NFL Combine this week, auditioning on the field and in the interview room. And when not being asked about teammate Mitch Trubisky, they discussed their pro outlook with reporters.


Teams are looking for backs that can pass protect. How much did Carolina put on you in terms of protection?

I feel like in pass protection I’m mostly underrated. After sophomore year we weren’t allowed to cut, our running back coach told us no more cutting, so every block I had was meet them in the ‘A’ gap or off the edge.

How did North Carolina prepare you to get ready for this opportunity?

Really with hard work … I feel like that was instilled in me there and it’s been carrying on.

What do you want to show the scouts here?

I put on a little weight, and I want to show my speed and agility. The tape will speak for itself, but doing it in front of the scouts will be a big deal.

What do you feel you can bring to an NFL team?

If they have a big back in their organization, I can come in and change the pace, catch the ball out of the backfield, I’m also going to block – I’ve got no problem putting my hands on somebody.


What do you want to show people at the combine this week – what impression do you want to leave with them?

That I’m a complete player. I’m the kind of guy that can do it all, mentally and I have the physical ability.

Is it fair that some are categorizing Mitch Trubisky as a one-year wonder?

I think it’s unfair. Mitch can play the game. I’ve been practicing with him for years. He’s always been that way, always been able to play, always been able to throw the ball. The fact that he pushed Marquise – our all-time yards leader in Carolina history, one of the best players to ever come through the school – and Mitch was pushing him for that starting job throughout his career, it lets you know what kind of player he was and what the coaches thought of him. I think he’s a great leader, a great passer. He’s got an overall solid game that translates very well to the National Football League.

He commands your respect. He knows what he wants out of guys and when guys aren’t performing he’ll step up and tell them they need to get things done. … He’s a cool, calm, collected guy. He’s real thoughtful and pretty light, so he’s approachable. Whenever things aren’t going right, he’s one of the guys willing to step in and tell the practice to stop and bring everyone in and let them know they’re not getting it done. He does a good job commanding the team but he isn’t overbearing.

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