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Four-star WR Tre Turner Envisions Teaming with D.J. Crossen

A potential Gate City Package Deal is brewing.

For Saturday's exclusive junior day, one of the prime goals of North Carolina's coaches was to spice up the experience for prospects who have already many countless visits to the school. At least with four-star wide receiver Tre Turner, that was accomplished.

"Everybody was talking to everybody," Turner said. "It wasn't like having sit-down, one-on-one meetings. I would have rather had [Saturday] on all my visits, instead of just me staying with one coach the whole time or one specific player. I don't like having hosts, because I feel like you don't get to talk to everybody that's there."

Turner, a 6-foot-4, 175-pound wideout from Greensboro (N.C.) Northwest Guilford, might not have hung around with just one coach or one player or one recruit, but he spent a lot of time with fellow Gate City native D.J. Crossen.

"D.J. and I, we've been together since we were seven years old, like playing AAU basketball together," Turner said. "There's a pretty good chance we'll probably end up going to the same school. 

"I used to say [the same thing] about K.J. [Henry], but K.J. is too big-time. I don't really know how that's going to turn out.

"I know D.J. and I, we've always been pretty close, so I wouldn't be shocked if we ended up at the same college. Our families are close, we're close -- it's meant to be, kind of."

Generally speaking, Turner has reached a certain level of comfort with UNC's coaching staff. 

"We know so much about each other that I let [the coaches] talk to the other recruits," Turner said. "I don't get jealous or anything because they don't talk to me as much as they talk to them. I feel like they know that they're high on my list and they know they're pretty much secured with the breakdown."

The "breakdown" is Turner's final seven, which he has been working on since January. He says the ETA of its release is next month.

"Next month is when I'll put it on Twitter," Turner said. "Some schools get eliminated, some get added."

UNC isn't the only school that has earned a berth on Turner's final seven. Miami, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia Tech are also safe.

"I'm just waiting to see what happens with this [Spring Evaluation] Period," Turner said. "Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson, I don't know what they're going to do [about offering]. 

"Oklahoma [offering] changed things, because I have to go on a visit to see that. I don't really know if they're going to be on the list or not. They probably will end up being on it, just based on who they are. But, we'll see."

The safe five are safe, Turner says, primarily because of their receivers coaches.

"That's my position, so I want to get close with the receivers coach before I get there," Turner said. 

Having been to a myriad of live basketball games (including a seemingly infinite amount of UNC hardwood contests), Turner is choosy when determining whether to attend a game. He didn't have to think twice when area recruiter Chris Kapilovic extended an invitation to a junior day that would revolve around the "Battle of the Blues."

"I don't go to games if I know it's going to be boring," Turner said. "I kind of pick the games that I know are going to be interesting.

"Carolina-Duke is always a good game. I like going and watching good competition. I'd rather be there than watching it on TV."

Prior to tip-off, Turner's favorite part of the junior day was the cornhole tournament -- even though he failed to make it out of the first round.

"I was pretty bad at cornhole," Turner said. "It wasn't even me, it was my teammate; I was with Dyami Brown. He wasn't good and it was getting me mad. So, we lost in the first round. And then we started playing [NBA] 2k."

Turner's calendar includes trips to Florida on March 25, South Carolina on April 1, and Virginia Tech on April 8. Although his calendar is void of UNC visits, that doesn't mean he won't return to Chapel Hill anytime soon.

"I'll definitely be [back at UNC] before the 25th [of March], just because spring practice is starting up and it's so easy to get there during the week," Turner said. "I'll probably be there for a [spring] practice. I'll probably plan it out the day of."


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