Friday Shav Links

The local newspapers ran two articles on UNC recruit Shavlik Randolph this morning, in response to an article we published here at InsideCarolina on Wednesday (Randolph Outlook: Not So Good), where Randolph told IC's guest columnist Jeff Goodman that "I think it would be fair to say that Duke is the leader." .

Tim Stevens of the News & Observer refers to IC as "an Internet site" (thanks for the pub, Tim) and quotes Randolph denying the quote. "I never said that," Randolph told the N&O. "I never said anyone was my leader. I said Duke was among the ones at the top of my list. There is no leader."

For the record, we stand 100% behind Jeff Goodman and his report. Goodman is a professional journalist, with credentials that include the Associated Press, and reported what Randolph told him. Why Randolph has chosen to deny that quote, we don't know, as the Randolphs haven't contacted us to voice any upset.

LINK: N&O - No front-runner for Randolph

Meanwhile, the Durham Herald-Sum continues their coverage of the Shavlik sweepstakes by Randolph beat writer Al Featherson. Their article refers to IC's story as "one internet reporter" (thanks for the pub, Al).

"I wasn't standing over him, so I can't say what he actually said," Kenny Randolph told the Herald-Sun. "But I have talked to him and I know what he's thinking. People need to understand they're talking to a 17-year-old. After all the visits, he's very confused."

Again, we stand by what we reported, and if Shavlik was "very confused" when he provided that quote, then so be it -- but we think it was a honest statement and reported it as such.

LINK: Herald-Sun: Randolph decision draws closer

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