Checking In With The Twins, Part II

Here is Part II of our two-part feature update on Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart, the identical twins who have begun their junior year at Rainier Beach (WA) High. This article focuses on the "The Twins'" possible future at Carolina.

(This is Part II. To read Part I, click here.)

Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart have professed their love for the University of North Carolina. They told us in May, and again in July, that Chapel Hill was where they intended to play college ball.

The Stewarts spoke with Matt Doherty while in town for the Tournament of Champions over Memorial Day Weekend and the Tar Heel head coach told them they'd fit perfectly into the program.

They are without question terrific talents and have the potential to be college all-americans, but before Doherty offers a scholarship and gets them suited in their Carolina Blue jerseys, he has to make sure there's room on the roster.

The Tar Heel staff has commitments from two high school seniors, both guards, and is currently attempting to bring in several frontcourt players to round out the class. Considering the NCAA's team limit of 13 scholarships, and barring any early departures, Doherty could have as few as two scholarships at his disposal for the 2003 class if he takes a total of five players this year.

In that situation, could he afford to use his only two grants on two more guards?

Perhaps, but Doherty's decision would be a whole lot easier if the Stewarts weren't guards.

Lodrick and Rodrick have grown to a legit 6-5 and each weigh 200 pounds, according to their father, Bull Stewart.

"I think they may still grow some more," he said. "Their mom is 6-1, and they're really starting to grow and develop so rapidly.

"Certainly, Carolina is still their top choice. They love Carolina and they want to go to Carolina. Basically, they want to emulate Vince Carter and Michael Jordan."

Since there is a chance that the Tar Heels don't extend a scholarship offer to the twins, Stewart said "we're going to check out more schools too," mentioning that Duke, Louisville, Arizona, Kentucky, Washington, USC and others are showing heavy interest.

"They're not going to get split up," Stewart said. "They will go to school together. If they have to go to a second, third, or forth choice, they may have to. But they're going to play together."

Regardless of height , there's no doubt the twins can sky to the hoop. (For an example of their leaping ability, click here.)

"I'd say that they both have verticals of about 45-47 inches," Bull said.

The Stewart's father explained that Rodrick recently beat former NBA dunk champion Desmond Mason in a local dunk contest. He completed a 360-degree, between-the-legs dunk, and later he jumped over Lodrick, who stood inside the circle right below the free throw line.

And the basketball world is beginning to take notice of the game's burgeoning twin superstars.

Expect to see them on the cover of Slam Magazine sometime soon. The magazine has been in touch and already has the photos ready.

In addition, Carolina's most famous alum knows about "The Twins." Michael Jordan has been in touch.

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