Roy Williams: 'Use That As Motivation'

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams comments after seeing the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Motivation isn't difficult to muster this time of year, but just in case, Roy Williams posed a question to his team as it watched the NCAA Tournament selection show on Sunday.

"What’s the most fun you ever had in basketball?"

Last year's postseason run to the NCAA title game was the obvious answer. After all, the 2015-16 Tar Heels went undefeated in March.

"I said, ‘Let’s remember that and make sure we’re focused this year like we were last year,’” Williams told his players.

The UNC head coach's job is to keep the team focused on the game in front of them - citing his familiar axiom of "if you start looking down the road, that’s when you start heading down the road back home" - while also recollecting the potential joy of a long Tournament stay.

“I think they should use that as motivation," he said. "They know how good it felt, so use that as motivation. And then if you happen to get lucky and are still playing that last Monday night, then you really can use last year as motivation. The biggest thing to me is for them to understand how much fun this time of year can be."

Video provided by UNC and the ACC.

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