UNC-Syracuse: Bunting Quotes

"I am really proud of some guys, they went out there and played hard, played well. Willie Parker, that was his best game. Brandon Russell, certainly his best game. Darian (Durant) played extremely well for the second week in a row. The offensive line played very well. "In certain situations we gained momentum and lost momentum. We gained it back to lose it again. We're going to use this bye week to continue to work and to grind and to come up with some answers to help us, particularly on defense. "We've got a couple of very fine coordinators who work really hard. It's a shame we haven't gotten a better result. I would love to play for this staff - they care so much for our players and for what we're doing. We're going to work hard as a staff; we're going to battle back. We're going to use this bye week to find ways to win. "

(On not stopping the run) "There's not much else to talk about. It's the same thing. It's very simple: force, fill, pursuit. One guy forces the play, the other guy fills the running lane, all the other players pursuit. It's not complicated. We're not able to do it."

"We got a lot of guys who were playing in high school last year. They have no idea what this is like. It's great experience right now that will help us down the road, but I want to win this year. What we're trying to do is force some kids to play the best they possibly can. I just believe there were a lot of good things that took place. It's hard sometimes to see."

"It's a sad situation that has reared its ugly head two weeks in a row - tons of yards, tons of explosive plays - it really tears me up. Some guys played well enough on defense to win, but it is an 11-man effort on each play."

"Darian is a very fine quarterback. He played very, very well. He can see very well. That run for a touchdown was absolutely amazing. That was as good as any NFL highlight you'll see. He's outstanding."

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