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UNC CB Commitment Donte Burton is 'So Fundamentally Sound'

Lawrenceville (Ga.) Central Gwinnett head coach Todd Wofford breaks down star pupil Donte Burton, a 5-foot-11, 172-pound cornerback who's been committed to UNC since July.

What type of player is Donte Burton?

"Donte is not only a great player, but a great young man, as well. He carries a 3.7 GPA. He has all the ability in the world, on the football field. He's a great kid. The cool thing about him: I still think he has a lot of room to grow. As with every kid, he has room to grow physically. But, he's so fundamentally sound I think that's what separates him from other kids I've had in the past. His footwork is phenomenal and he has a lot of [football] knowledge."

On Friday nights, how do you take advantage of a kid with that tool set?

"It's funny you should ask that, because next year, we're changing up the defense a little bit. We're basically just doing the old school Deion [Sanders] deal of 'you got that guy and we'll take care of the other ten.' We'll have him lock down some guys. That's a perk to have a kid that can do that. Not a lot of guys you would trust in a situation to lock-down a kid, regardless of the caliber. It helps out the whole defense to have a guy like that."

UNC secured Burton's commitment last July. From your perspective, how was UNC able to steal a kid like that out of Georgia?

"I've been doing this long enough to know that the recruiting game has changed over the years. Sometimes it's rolling the dice -- on both sides. But [UNC] saw what they wanted to see and I think he went up there to the Freak Show and had a really good night there. It's a deal where they were on him early and were on him hard. 

"And the fact that he's such a good student, as well, the academic side of North Carolina was a real easy sell. [For UNC] to say, 'We're not just a football school.' And he's not just a a football player -- he's a kid that's trying to take care of his future. He kind of wanted to find a place that had really good football and great academics. North Carolina fits that bill.

"He's gotten a ton more offers since then. And there's a lot of folks that are coming after him. It's one of those deals where, I know [UNC] is sitting back there kind of patting themselves on the back saying, 'I'm glad we went on him when we did.'"

Since Burton's commitment, UNC has changed the coach that recruits Gwinnett County to Terry Joseph. Have you been in contact with him? If so, what have been your impressions?

"I know Coach Joseph. I've known him from other schools he was at, but I haven't met him as a North Carolina coach. Maybe I have spoken to him on the phone, because I have a handful of guys that are blowing up.

"Obviously, I think he's an outstanding recruiter and a 'personality' guy, which in these days helps out a lot in trying to build relationships up. I think they got a good coach in him and I think Donte will like him a lot."

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