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UNC Gets 'X-Factor' in Athlete Dyami Brown

Inside Carolina spoke to West Mecklenburg High head coach Jarvis Davis to learn more about UNC's newest verbal commitment, Dyami Brown.

What type of player is UNC gaining in Dyami Brown?

"They're getting an all-around player. He's a guy who's a great person to be around on and off the field. He's a guy who loves to compete, will do everything it takes to win, knows how to motivate his teammates, and he'll play to the end -- he'll never quit on you."

The biggest question with Brown is his college position. Through your conversations with UNC's staff, where do you think he'll play?

"I don't really know, because I'm going to tell you one thing: Dyami will tell you he's willing to play wherever he's needed. That's one thing I love about him -- he's willing to do whatever it takes for the team to win."

You being someone that knows him better than anyone, what do you think is his best position fit in college?

"I can't even answer that, because if I answer that I'd be doing Dyami an injustice. He was a person where the ball needs to be in his hands for us to be successful as a team, but he was a person that had to be on defense for us, for my defense to go. He just makes a difference wherever he's at. He actually was a person who was on my kickoff team, so he had to be on special teams, as well. 

"He just makes everything better. He's a person that gives a coach the sigh of relief knowing that you have that X-factor, there that if something breaks down, he will make up for it."

What do you think this commitment means for his brother, Khafre Brown, who UNC has also offered?

"I hope it's just a learning tool for Khafre. It tells him he can do the same thing if he just keeps his mind right, continues to work hard, and put in the effort that Dyami has put in. 

"As far as them playing together, I'm a little brother, as well, and I always dreamed of playing with my big brother. I think they're close enough to play together, but I think there are individuals as well, so they don't have to [play together]. I know that they both are going to be each other's biggest fans, regardless of where both of them chooses."

Brown is a national recruit -- his finalists were Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech. How did Gunter Brewer fend off that competition and keep Brown in-state?

"Coach Brewer, he's a great guy. He loves North Carolina, but I'm going to tell you: he loves these kids more. He'll always tell these kids, 'Even if you don't come to North Carolina, I'm going to give you advice about keeping your grades up, being a man, and making positive decisions.' That's what I love about him. He always showed his support. You know when it was time for him to come through, he came through. He always asks about family and he always talked about family first, and he always stressed grades because he wants the guys to be successful, even when they leave North Carolina."

Why did Brown decide to commit today?

"There really wasn't a real big reason. It's a real stressful process for kids -- on the outside looking in, we look at it as kids getting all these offers and getting all these coaches talking to them. But, it kind of wears down on them. And I think Dyami just wanted to go ahead and make a decision so now he can focus on his senior year and being the best athlete he can. And then, he can hopefully help this team win a championship and then help North Carolina win a championship. The sky is the limit with him."

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