Garrison Brooks

UNC Basketball Commitment Q&A: Garrison Brooks Reflects on Recruiting Journey

Garrison Brooks's recruitment was a complicated process with some unexpected turns, but through it all he kept quiet and avoided the media spotlight. On Tuesday evening, UNC's newest commitment signed his Letter of Intent and then spoke with Inside Carolina for his first interview about the journey.

Why North Carolina?

It's a great spot. I just felt like, it was my decision. First off, I made the decision. It fit what I believed and my intuition was that it's the best school for me.

What kind of conversations did you have with the North Carolina staff after receiving your release from Mississippi State?

It wasn't much recruiting going on. We talked a few times. There wasn't a bunch for them to say, because I had already visited and had been recruited by them. They kind of said 'we'll step back and just let you make your own decision.' That's what they did and that helped them a lot honestly.

How influential was Coach Hubert Davis on your recruitment? What's your relationship like with him?

Me and Coach Davis are close. When I was on my official visit, he assured me that he'll be a father figure for me when I'm on campus. He said that would start my first day on campus and, to be honest, last forever. Our relationship has always been great.

When you told Coach (Roy) Williams you were committed, what was his reaction?

Oh, he was excited. He was happy. Coach Davis is probably more excited than me. I'm pretty excited, but he's way more excited. The thing I like about Coach Williams, when we talk, he's honest with me. He told me he was going to push me harder than anyone ever will. I told him that's fine because that's why I'm coming. Him being tough on me is not going to hurt my feelings.

Where does the Carolina coaching staff see you slotting position wise?

They want me to come in at the '4' spot. Me and Luke (Maye) are going to compete. He's a really good player, and we're going to compete until he leaves. I think I'm going to end up playing somewhat like Brice (Johnson) honestly. I run really hard in transition and I've been working on expanding my game to the three-point line. I'm a hard worker and whatever is needed I'll do. I think I'm a good rebounder, but I need to work on everything. I don't think they need me to play the '5' but, hey, if they need me to do it, I'll do it.

Are you happy to have your recruitment behind you?

It was a headache to be honest. It was a headache of going through the whole process with Mississippi State. I was happy when I got my release. I appreciate them doing that. It's fine now, so things are going well. 

Do you have a relationship with - or do you know - any players on North Carolina's team?

I didn't until my official visit. I was there with Jalek (Felton) and (Andrew) Platek. The only one guy from the team I knew was Brandon (Robinson). Andrew hit me up on Twitter and said congrats on joining the team. I've talked to B-Rob and my friend Tyler Pritchett who is on the football team.

How have things changed since you committed?

I got a lot of messages from Carolina fans. The fact that I got a lot of messages from them meant a lot to me. I've tried to respond to everybody, because I have a lot of respect for them for welcoming me to the Tar Heel family. I still talk to people, but going forward people who are trying to get close to me because of this, that's not going to work. Some people just want to talk to me now because I'm going to North Carolina.

Have you sent in your Letter of Intent yet?

I literally just signed it about 20 minutes ago. I got it today and just signed it. I'll try to get it to them tomorrow and hopefully it'll be there the next day. 

What number do you want to wear next year?

All the numbers I've ever worn are retired (laughs). I think I'll try and be No. 3 or No. 6. Nobody will go for No. 6. When I was on my visit I talked to Big (Sean) May, and he said if you can get an ugly number like Tyler Hansbrough did, no one will want to take it. So, I might do that.

Thoughts on tonight's news that Joel Berry will be returning next season?

He's a really good player. He's real important to us next year. He seems like he's a floor leader and that will help us a lot.

Can you share your feelings on the totality of the last eight months?

It's been great, honestly. It can't get better. I feel like I'm going to the best school in the country. I feel like I chose the right spot for me and I'm gonna make it work.

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