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Four-Star WR Dyami Brown Looking to Build UNC Legacy

The four-star wide receiver verbally committed to UNC a week ago over Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech. He spoke to Inside Carolina about the decision...

Dyami Brown Commitment Q&A

Why did you pick UNC over Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech?

"It was just staying close to home -- staying close to my mom [considering] the things she's been going through. And then that family atmosphere and the energy that they bring and that relationship stayed the same."

What role did Gunter Brewer play in your recruitment?

"It was big. We pretty much talked almost every day. Just me having that trust in him and him having that trust in me, we just got that bond. And then I just made that decision."

Why did you decide to commit on Tuesday?

"I had thought about it that Monday night. I talked to my family about it. And then I announced it that Tuesday morning."

You were very thorough with the recruiting process by visiting a bunch of schools. Where did you go?

"During spring break I went to Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan. Before that, I think it was South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina."

What position is UNC recruiting you for?

"Receiver. I think it's a good spot for me. It's something I've been working on for some years now."

How does Brewer see you fitting into the offense?

"Pretty much anywhere I can get the ball at -- outside, slot. It depends on where they need me."

When will you enroll at UNC?

"I'm trying to enroll early. I have everything down pat."

Why did you decide to enroll early?

"It was just me wanting to play early and having the ability to play early."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit any other schools?

"No sir, just North Carolina."

When's the next time you'll be back at UNC?

"I know I'll be up there for the Freak Show for sure. But, any other time, I'm not sure yet."

You're brother, Khafre, has a UNC offer. Will you recruit him? And have you guys talked about playing together in college?

"Yea, I am [going to be recruiting him]. We've talked about playing together [in college]. I think he'll just follow me -- you know, get along with it."

Are you going to recruit anyone else?

"I've been trying to get to Dax Hollifield and D.J. Crossen."

Payton Wilson committed on Monday. Did you try to talk to him before?

"I didn't talked to him before. I was starting to, but I guess now I don't have to. 

But, I talked to him [Monday] night. 

What did you and Wilson talk about on Monday night?

"We just talked about when we get there building a new legacy and just trying to make the team better and start something that hasn't happened."

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