UNC Commitments Apply Heat to 4-Star WR Jordyn Adams

The four-star wideout will continue to visit his top five before rendering a decision.

MATTHEWS, N.C. --- Dyami Brown and Payton Wilson have been committed to North Carolina for less than two weeks. Already, the duo has been busy trying to add talent to their class. One of their targets: fellow four-star Jordyn Adams.

"It's just like the recruiting with the coaches -- it shows me that they really want me on the team," Adams said. "Considering we're all three from North Carolina and could stay in-state and produce for a school in North Carolina, it has an impact."

According to Adams, he and Brown met during a recruiting trip to UNC. Their relationship further developed during a subsequent visit to Chapel Hill. The two have remained in contact since.

Adams says Wilson spent early portions of Sunday's Charlotte Nike Opening Regional working on him.

Less than a month ago, Adams, a 6-foot-2, 175-pound wide receiver from Morrisville (N.C.) Green Hope, named Alabama, Clemson, LSU, UNC, and Ohio State his top five schools.

"Really, it was just how I saw myself at each school," Adams said. "I know I had a bunch of offers from other schools, but I didn't have the same reaction with the other 18 schools like I did with my top five."

Adams says there's no order or tiers to his top five list -- all five are on equal footing.

A commitment will occur between now and his birthday (Oct. 18), according to Adams. Prior to that, he could trim his list further to a final two.

"My birthday is on a Wednesday, so I'll try to do it at [Green Hope High] and have a little event," Adams said.

In the meantime, Adams will continue to visit the members of his top five.

"I want to make sure that I see everything, so that when I make my decision I know it's the best for me," Adams said.

It goes without saying that Adams will be making multiple trips to UNC in the coming months -- both as a recruit and as a son. His father, Deke, is the Tar Heels' defensive line coach.

"Sometimes over the weekends when [UNC's wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer] is free and I'm free, and we just want to hang out, and he just has stuff he wants to show me, then I'll just go over there," Adams said. "But then, also I'll have times when I'm just bored at home and I'll just go hang out with my dad."

Adams says Brewer is very respectful of Adams's father-son time. Outside of exchanging pleasantries, Brewer leaves Adams alone when he's hanging out in Deke's office.

"We've been really close since my dad has been there the first time," Adams said. "We have had a relationship from a while ago. He knows there's recruiting he has to do, but at the same time he knows there's not as much of a recruiting process."

As for his father, Deke's sole position in Adams's recruitment is as his father, even during recruiting trips to UNC and other schools.

"My dad is there to see the school just like I am," Adams said. "Like I said before, he knows me as a son. So, he really wants me to pick the school that's the best fit."


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