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UNC's Tony Bradley Outlines NBA Draft Decision

What will determine if Tony Bradley returns to UNC or departs for the NBA? He explained on Thursday at the NBA Combine.

CHICAGO --- There aren’t many players at the NBA Combine this year that are testing the waters, but Tony Bradley is one of them. The North Carolina freshman big man plans to work out for, and interview with, NBA teams before making a decision by the May 24 deadline.

How is this process so far?
This process, I'm enjoying it. Getting better. Grinding. Go or stay, I'm just trying to improve.

Since the season what have you been doing for workouts and who are you working out with?
After the season I started working out with Drew Hanlen. Just working on different stuff. Ball handling; pick-and-pop stuff. Shooting threes, NBA threes. Just a lot of stuff to switch it up because I'm versatile.

Do you feel like you've improved since the end of the season?
Oh, most definitely. I think my confidence has risen through the roof, especially after this season, after the championship.

What's your mindset going into this process, in terms of potentially staying in the draft or going back to school.
The idea is to get some information to see where I stand at in the draft. Get my feedback.

What kind of feedback would you need to stay in the draft?
First round. 

And what feedback have you gotten so far?
I'm getting late first round, early second round right now.

When you talk to Roy Williams, what does he say about the process?
He's supportive of me. Supportive of whatever decision I make. So I told him that the NBA was one of my goals and dreams and he's been supportive. 

What teams have you met with here?
I met with Portland, OKC, Boston, Milwaukee, Detroit, the Knicks and the Nets. Houston. 

How have the interviews gone?
I feel like my interviews are going really well. I can get the vibe with teams that they like me. 

What would you say to a GM if they asked why they should pick you?
I have a great work ethic. I feel like I can put the ball in the basket, defend, rebound. Ultimately I can help a team out.

Have you had a chance to reflect on your freshman year at all? 
Yeah, it was a wonderful freshman year. I enjoyed every step of the way. Winning the national title sums it all up and makes it even better. It's a great moment to cherish. It's something to cherish and something I'll share with my kids and grandkids.

How do you think [North Carolina] looks for next year.
I think we'll still have a great team next year. I feel like we can be great defenders for the title.

Now with Justin and Isaiah and Kennedy gone, what would it be like to be one of the team's leaders and to be counted on?
Most definitely it would be different without them there. Those guys are great players. But we have to adjust and play through that. We'll learn as we play through the season. 

Have you thought about returning in the hopes of potentially improving your draft stock? 
I've thought about it. I haven't gotten [to a specific goal] yet. I'm just trying to go through this process and see how I do.

You've had a lot of teammates go through this process. Justin went through it last year. Did those guys give you advice or feedback? 
They taught me what it's like to go through some of the drills and what to look for in the team stuff. They helped me a lot.

How did you prepare for the combine testing?
One thing I should have done is work on my vertical, because that was terrible. But, other than that, I worked on a lot of shooting drills for the combine.

Besides your parents and Roy Williams, who is helping you with this process and giving you feedback?
That's pretty much it. Nobody else. It's a small circle.

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