NBA Combine

UNC's Kennedy Meeks Crashes Boards at NBA Combine

Kennedy Meeks talks about entering the pro ranks after competing at the NBA Combine.

CHICAGO -- Kennedy Meeks was on a mission at the NBA Combine. He wanted to prove that he could rebound at an elite level in the pros. He had already proven it in college, averaging 12.6 rebounds over the final five games of UNC's national championship run. And now he can add the NBA Combine to his list of board dominance. Meeks averaged 12.5 rebounds and 16.0 points in his two Combine games. 

I know it's early in the process but do you have any idea where you might go in the draft?
I have no idea. I just know it's an even playing ground and I'm just trying to play my hardest.

Do you have any players you tried to emulate when you were younger?
Oh yeah, definitely Sean May. Kind of the same skillset, kind of the same body type. I know he kind of got out the league a little bit early. But what he did in college and what he did when he came into the league was definitely something I wanted to resemble, I guess you could say. He's a great player. He's one of my favorite players. A great mentor to me, as you know he's one of my coaches from Carolina. He sends me tape all the time. Definitely, I want to model something towards him. 

How do you think you've played the last couple of days? Just assess your overall performance.
I think coming into here my goal was to definitely be the best rebounder here. And do whatever I could do to get that. I think attacking the offensive glass was one thing. Scoring the easy buckets was another. Getting my free throws because I was getting tired going up and down the court, so knocking those down was important to me. I think overall it was a great time.

How is this whole combine experience? 
That's what it's all about; dreams coming true at this point. Never forget that we have to work tremendously hard to follow our goals. I think that everybody has done a tremendous job here with the testing and playing hard and working as a team and listening to what the coaches have to say and giving us feedback. So when you put all of those things together, you have a great result.

How is it having multiple teammates here? 
Definitely just getting their opinion on things. See how they're enjoying the process. Seeing the things that we can work on to get better. I know some of us go to the gym late at night to put up shots. It's definitely been just being like at home. Just trying to work together to one common goal and that's to make it to the NBA. 

After the season when did the celebration end and the work begin for this process?
I took a couple of days off. I think that all of us needed that. We all worked tremendously hard throughout the season. Coach did a great job preparing us for the season. I think we deserved it. We got right back to work pretty fast. Whether that was working out with the strength coach or working out on the court. 

How have the workouts been since the end of the season?
They've been really good. They've been definitely getting the wind back for us. Some of us play one-on-ones. Most of the time I play with the guards, Kendall Marshall, Nate [Britt], Joel [Berry], Justin [Jackson], Theo [Pinson], those guys. Just trying to compete and get my wind up. Work out with Sean May all the time. So it's definitely been a great few weeks for me.

What are you trying to show these teams and prove to them?
Definitely my rebounding ability. I know that's going to be tough to do in the workouts, but definitely that I can shoot the ball. I know I didn't have a chance to do that much in college but I did it throughout my high school career. So, I'm definitely trying to work back towards that. But also being a force down low. 

Is there anything on a scouting report that you've seen that you feel is a misconception?
Probably pick-and-roll. I mean, out here, you're not really close to the teammates you have so it's harder to work on a ball screen. But I think overall that's the one thing that I can say.

What is your situation with your agent?
I've got Charles Briscoe representing me. He's a great guy and we've been in close contact for awhile. He's done a great job of helping me out.

Who is helping you out in terms of family and things like that?
Definitely my cousins. One is a lawyer and one is just really close to me. My Mom and Aunt do a great job also. So it's all a close net. I think we all have an understanding of how hard I need to work to get to where I need to be. So it's up to me.

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