Scouting Report: Michael Rozier

While Michael Rozier's pitching skills have pro baseball scouts drooling, it's his strong, live quarterback arm that earned him a football scholarship to play for John Bunting's Tar Heels. Regional expert Scott Kennedy analyzed the game film and provides the scouting report on UNC's latest commitment ...

Michael Rozier made a commitment to the North Carolina Tar Heels this week, and he is one of the few players in the state of Georgia that I had not seen yet. Looking through my files, I found 3 games that I had from Henry County. When I plugged in the games vs. Houston County, Morrow, and Warner Robins, I saw a lot of ugly football.

Henry County went 0-10, but this is not supposed to be a scouting report on Henry County, but to be fair to Rozier, a little background must be given. Rozier was one of the few bright spots on a bad football team.

Watching him throw the ball, it's obvious that he has a very live arm. He can step back and throw the ball 40-50 yards of of his back foot. In the three games that I watched, he was hesitant to unleash the ball downfield because. 1) he rarely had the time to throw it deep, 2) the ball was never caught anyway.

Rozier was forced last year to throw a lot of quick stops, seams, and skinny posts, and even those were dropped with regularity. His decision making sometimes left something to be desired, but giving Rozier the benefit of the doubt, Henry County was usually out of the game, and Rozier would try and force a ball down field late.

He has very strong hands and can pump fake, cock, and re-load the ball in a hurry. He puts plenty of zip on the ball, but throws a nice deep fade route as well.

He is not going to beat anyone on the run, but he can pump fake a corner and throw the long ball with the best of them.

I'm sorry I didn't get to see him at any camps this year working with some Division 1 receiver prospects. It's obvious that there is potential there for the 6-5 lefty, but he hasn't gotten a chance to realize it yet.

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