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Commitment Q&A: UNC Checked All of Tyler Shough's Boxes

Elite 11 quarterback Tyler Shough verbally committed to UNC over California, Michigan, Indiana, and South Carolina on Thursday. Shortly thereafter, he discussed his decision with Inside Carolina.

Tyler Shough Commitment Q&A

Why UNC?

"It checked everything off of my list of what I was looking for in a school. And actually getting to go out there and meet the coaches and see what they're all about, it just kind of put it over the top. I have a good relationship with Coach [Keith] Heckendorf and he's a great teacher and I feel like he could develop me into the best of my ability. And then getting to meet Coach [Larry] Fedora was pretty sweet."

Obviously your visit this week was important. What role did it play?

"It was pretty huge. I knew the reputation North Carolina had coming in. [The visit] was pretty big, because we spent all that money to go out there and take a visit. And it ended up working out really well. By far, it was one of my better visits.

"I had some other [visits] planned, but I had a good feeling in my gut about it and I canceled everything else."

Heckendorf and Chris Kapilovic teamed up to recruit you. How did your relationship with them impact your decision?

"It was huge. They came a little later, because Arizona is not really a recruiting grounds for them, but Coach Heck came out to see me throw as soon as he could. And then he gave me the offer. And I built a relationship with him.

"And then I started talking with Coach Kap and he's an Arizona guy, so we connected a lot there. He was able to relate to me."

You announced the commitment publicly on Thursday. But, when did you actually commit to the coaches?

"[Wednesday] before the camp."

Heading into the visit, did you anticipate making a commitment?

"Yeah, I kind of knew already. I had a really good feeling about it, because I had been on so many visits and I didn't have any good feelings. Just talking to the coaches, I was like, 'Okay, I have a good feeling about this.'

"I just wanted to see the whole rundown. From my knowledge, Coach Heck is an incredible coach. That relationship, as well as Coach Fedora's and Coach Kap's, was really key. [Heckendorf] said he was going to be there for a while and stability was a big part of it. The path that they're on, I wanted to be a part of that. I really like the direction the program is headed."

What other schools did you visit?

"Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, Cal, Mizzou -- that's off the top of my head, but I know I visited others schools. 

"My top schools going into it were Cal, Michigan, UNC, Indiana, [and] South Carolina. They all checked everything off of what I was looking for. And then it was my gut feeling from there."

During your visit to UNC, you participated in camp, which provided you a chance to be coached by Heckendorf. What was that like?

"That was huge to get a feel for his coaching style and the way he runs his QBs. It ended up working out that there was a smaller camp that day. So, I was able to go out and work with him and talk with him. His terminology and way of teaching, I really picked up a lot -- I felt like I really learned from him."

UNC plans to take two quarterbacks in this class. How did that impact your decision?

"They didn't take anybody in 2017 [at quarterback] and they basically need two. It wasn't a problem [for me] really, because it's better to have competition within your class and above you. Mostly all my top schools were taking two QBs, so that wasn't really a factor."

How active will you be as a recruiter?

"I'm going to try to be very active with it. A lot of wide receivers have got to wait to see who's the quarterback coming in and who they have on the roster. I'm going to do my best to get guys out there. I'm going to the Opening with the Elite 11 and I'm going to do my best to show North Carolina has something going on over there and [recruits] should take a look at it and get on board, because we're heading in the right direction."

UNC obviously isn't down the street, so how often will you visit Chapel Hill?

"I'm going to try to get out there as much as I can. During the season, [I'll] catch a game on my official visit. I'll be enrolling early in January, though."

How does it feel to conclude your recruitment?

"I'm just excited to get it off my shoulders and focus on the season and make my teammates better."

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