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DeAndre Hollins UNC Football Commitment Q&A: 'UNC Really Stood Out'

DeAndre Hollins gave Larry Fedora his UNC commitment before the Freak Show event began. Later that night the Fla. cornerback talked to Inside Carolina about the decision.

Tell me what happened today ...

First of all, the commitment today was because I got a different feeling from all the other schools. UNC just really stood out to me. It came down to UNC and Virginia Tech, but UNC got the upper hand so I had to make it happen today.

How was the camp experience?

As for the camp, it was great learning from Coach (Terry) Joseph, things I wouldn't think of doing. The whole camp was great. One-on-ones today, I was going at it ...

It seemed like you chose to go against the top wide receivers today, was that on purpose?

Oh, yeah. I've got to show them that I'm not here to play around, it's strictly business. He (Jordyn Adams) caught a lot of balls on me, but it's all in competition and it was a great experience.

You said it came down to UNC and Virginia Tech. What was it about UNC that pushed them over the top?

UNC, they just built a good bond with me, a good relationship. When I got here they were all friendly, with open arms, and they were ready for me to become a Tar Heel.

We're used to guys committing at the end of the Freak Show, but you committed before it began. How did that go down?

I came in on a visit, I met Coach (Fedora), and I had to make it happen. He told me he wanted me, needed me, so I had to make it happen.

How firm is this commitment? Are you done visiting other schools?

Oh, yeah. I'm done. I might go on a bus tour with some friends, but when I go it's Tar Heels down and I'll make sure they know.

How often will you be in Chapel Hill?

I'll try to make many games. 

Chad Scott, he was the main guy recruiting you for UNC, right?

Yeah. Very, very open arms. It just seemed like I belong here. Like he didn't want anybody else but me, that's how it felt.


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