FBall Recruiting Updates : FSU Attendees

IC's Mark Ellington checks in with several of the Tar Heel football staff's biggest recruiting targets following UNC's shocking win over FSU.


Thomas Clayton (Was not at the Game)

Current Favorites: UNC and PSU lead (slightly) over ND, NW, Pitt.

Official visits scheduled: NW 11/30, ND 10/5. Originally planned with Coach Powell to visit mid-December but that could change.

Impressions of the FSU game. He was impressed by the heels performance.



Julian Jenkins (Came on an unofficial visit with his mom).

Current Favorites: ND, Stanford, Mich, PSU, Mia.

Also still considering the heels but not in top 5.

Official Visits scheduled:10/6 Mia, 11/3 ND, 1/12 Stan, has already visited PSU. Has not scheduled Mich. All favorites have offered except Stanford.

Impressions of the FSU game: Thought it was a great game. Didn't think Carolina could beat FSU. Watched the goal posts come down.Went down into the locker room following the game. Said there was lots of celebration going on and that he was surprised that everyone was let in. Says he is looking for a strong academic school coupled with a good football tradition. Considers Stanford an exception to the "football tradition" requirements based on being the best academic school of all his choices (his words).


Aaron Kirkland (came on an unofficial visit with coaches and teammates)

Current favorites: UNC, FSU, TN, PSU, Mich (order mentioned)

Official visits: None set up.

Impressions of the FSU game: Thought it was a good game. Went down into the locker room after the game for the post-game celebration.


A.J. Nicholson (Came on an unofficial visit)

Current Favorites: ND, UNC, FSU, MIA, TX, UGA, TN (says these teams are all even).

Official visits: ND 11/3

Impressions of the FSU game: He thought that after the first half the score was close and Carolina could "hang with them". Thought the defense played very well (also commented that the defense has played well all year). Was surprised how well the offense played in the second half. Did not go to the locker room after the game due to the crowds.


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