The 2002 ACC Handbook hits newstands soon!

The 2002 ACC Basketball Handbook comes out in about two weeks. The 160-page magazine is a must-have for any ACC hoops fan. No, this is not a paid advertisement. Let me explain ...

I spent this summer in Charlotte, N.C. working for UMI Publications, Inc. My job? The 2002 ACC Handbook. The last two years, Michael Kruse improved an already great magazine. I tried to make it even better.

To read about this year's Handbook, with a lengthy note from the editor (me) explaining the full contents, head on over to

The magazine should start showing up on newstands the second week in October and the cover price is $4.95 (only $4.95 for 160 info-packed, content-rich pages!). You can have a copy mailed to you when the magazine comes out by calling 1-800-747-9287. For book rate shipping, it'll cost $5.95, but if you want it in 2-3 days (highly recommended for those not in ACC country), get it mailed first rate for a total of $9.95.

Thanks to all who helped me out this summer. I'm real proud of the finished product and am certain you'll thoroughly enjoy it.


(Note - sorry for the confusion, but I've been informed that the newstand release date is actually Oct. 11, so if you order by phone it will ship to you at the beginning of the month -- and not today, as I had previously thought.)

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