Thomas – In-depth on the in-home

Roy Williams and assistant coach Steve Robinson were in Oakland on Monday evening for an in-home visit with Thomas and his family. How did it go? Where does Thomas stand now with UNC?

"It went real well," said Quentin's father, John, of the 3 and 1/2 hour meeting with the Carolina coaches. "It was in our home. My wife cooked a meal for all of us and they seemed to enjoy it. We just sat down, ate and had a good time."

Over a meal of chili beans with cornbread, a salad and strawberry shortcake, the Thomas family covered a variety of topics with Williams and Robinson. But of most importance first and foremost was the scholarship offer.

"Oh, no question, it's there," the elder Thomas said. "The offer is definitely there."

Though that was only the beginning of the discussion, as the UNC head coach made his interest in the Oakland Tech senior point guard quite clear.

"We talked about the point guard situation [at UNC]," Thomas said. "[Williams] said that he needs a point guard. He said that there was a possibility that Raymond Felton may go pro."

With another point guard and a few post players still on the radar, and a tight scholarship situation (with technically none available) in Chapel Hill, early NBA entry is expected to free up a scholarship for the first Tar Heel target to take it.

"He told me that with all of the kids that he's recruiting, that it was a first come, first serve," Thomas said. "[Dwight] Howard, [C.J.] Giles, Shaun Livingston. I think there may have been one more…"

Randolph Morris?

"Yeah, I think that was it," Thomas added. "The first amongst all of those, from what I gathered."

But the presence of these other recruits will not cause Thomas to hurry.

"We're going to make an informed decision here," Thomas said. "It won't be rushed."

The Thomas family may not be in a hurry to commit, but next month appears to be the end of the line for his recruitment. Quentin's father explained that a commitment could come before a visit to Chapel Hill.

"A lot of things can affect that," he said. "We may not actually even get to visit UNC in October."

But, believe it or not, this might not mean bad news for Carolina.

"Well, we have our vacation in early October," Mr. Thomas continued. "We may make a decision after our visit to Kansas. UNC may be looking to bring him in for their Midnight Madness."

And the Tar Heels have a major ally in Quentin's former teammate, Leon Powe. An all-american forward who graduated from Oakland Tech last year, Powe will suit up for the Cal Bears this winter – but North Carolina finished a close second in his recruitment.

"Leon Powe pulled [Quentin] aside today and told him to go to UNC," Thomas said. "He told him ‘Carolina is the place for you.'"

Quentin has narrowed his list to three schools – North Carolina, Kansas and Arizona State – though sources close to the situation indicate that the Tar Heels and Jayhawks hold a decided edge over the Sun Devils.

As for UNC and their interest in Thomas, both sides are on the same page.

"Actually Coach Robinson had called a few days earlier and asked about Quentin's seriousness with UNC," Thomas said. "Quentin told him that we were serious."

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