Jejuan Rankins Interview

Inside Carolina's Mark Ellington spoke with Bertie (NC) senior Jejuan Rankins concerning his recruitment during the QB/S/KR's final year.

Jejuan played WR last year in a passing offense. This season, he is the quarterback in an option attack. He has an older brother that plays for NC A&T.


  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 160
  • 40-time: 4.4
  • HS: Bertie (3-A)

    Junior Season WR/DB/KR Stats

  • Receptions: 42
  • Yards: 922
  • TDS: 12
  • Yards KR: almost 1200
  • Ints: 15
  • Tackles: 62

    Senior Season QB/Safety/KR Stats

  • TDs: 2 rushing/2 Kick returns
  • Ints: 1

    Favorites: Mich, ND, UGA, PSU (all have offered as well as numerous others)

    Official visits: None scheduled

    Inside Carolina – Jejuan, did you visit Chapel Hill for the FSU/UNC football game?
    Jejuan Rankins – No, I had intended to but my plans were changed.

    IC – Did you watch the game on T.V.?
    Rankins – Yes, I saw the game on T.V.

    IC – What did you think of Carolina's performance?
    Rankins – Stunning. The defense really played great. I thought Durant played very well. As a matter of fact, I don't see why they don't let Durant play all the time. I was impressed with how hard the Carolina team played. I also really liked the atmosphere at the stadium. The fans were really showing their support. I have played at Kenan Stadium and it is a great place with a great atmosphere.

    IC – I noticed that all your favorites are out-of-state schools. Are you looking to leave the state?
    Rankins – No, not really. Those schools are saying that I could play my first year and seem to be recruiting me the hardest.

    IC – Which schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest now?
    Rankins – I'd say Mich, ND, PSU, Oak, Georgia, PSU, NCST.

    IC – Who is recruiting you from UNC?
    Rankins – Kenny Browning.

    IC – Would you say that the FSU/UNC game improved your view of UNC?
    Rankins – Kind of. I really liked the atmosphere in the stadium.

    IC – Do you have an idea when you might decide?
    Rankins – Not really. No time soon.

    IC – What are the most important things to you when selecting a school?
    Rankins – I'm looking at majoring in communications and a minor in business. So I am looking at schools with good programs in those areas. I also want a good football atmosphere.

    IC – Is it important that you play your first year?
    Rankins – Not really. I could get bigger, stronger, and faster with a redshirt year. I also plan to enroll in summer school after I graduate from HS. So I can have some additional preparation for the season.

    IC – What do you like about your favorites?
    Rankins –They all offer the subjects I'm interested in and all have a great football atmosphere.

    IC – Does your family a preference where you attend college?
    Rankins – My mom would prefer that I play close to home because she would like to attend my football games but, she would not object me playing further away.

    IC – Did you attend any summer camps?
    Rankins – I went to the Michigan and NCST camps. I also visited TN on an unofficial visit.

    IC – Did you have a favorite school growing up?
    Rankins – Michigan Wolverines were my favorite school.

    IC – What do you like about UNC?
    Rankins – Growing up in North Carolina, you hear a lot about Carolina Blue. They have a great tradition, great atmosphere and great academics.

    IC – What do you not like about UNC?
    Rankins – There is nothing that I do not like.

    IC – What is the difference between UNC and some of your favorite schools?
    Rankins – I think the only difference is that the other schools are recruiting me harder.

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