Coach Smith and Coach Doherty comment on Jordan

Former University of North Carolina Head Coach Dean Smith and Tar Heel Head Coach Matt Doherty Comments on Michael Jordan's Return to the NBA, September 25, 2001.

Dean Smith

"I know Michael made the decision based on what was best for his present position. I'm confident Michael Jordan the player would help any NBA team, including the Washington Wizards. It would be nice to finish on top with that last championship in 1998, but who is to say that great things are not ahead with Michael and the Wizards. He has made excellent decisions in the past and I know he has given this one a lot of thought. He didn't call me to advise him. Our friendship is past that stage. Based on watching him this past summer, he is shooting the basketball better than ever. For many years Michael has been generous with his income, helping those in need, including when he gave $1 million to UNC's School of Social Work. I'm pleased he continues to be generous by donating his salary next year to the victims' relief funds."

UNC Head Coach Matt Doherty

"It's great for basketball. I'm happy for Michael. He's doing something he loves to do and does so very well and that's play basketball at the highest level. Not many people get to play in the NBA, with and against the greatest players in the world. It's something he thoroughly enjoys. I know he will be successful in his return."

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