Player Press Conference Quotes

Clay Roberson,Senior Linebacker:

Q: How did you feel about the performance on Saturday against Wisconsin?
A: "We got better on defense. We saw a lot of good things including much more contact speed. We came to understand the defensive scheme better and we came together more as a team. I am expecting us to get better and better."

Q: What about you individually, how do rate your performance against Wisconsin?
A: "I got better than last week. It is a continuing process with me, just to get better each and every game, each and every day in practice and in the game."

Q: Has the North Carolina vs. NC State rivalry lost any of its luster?
A: "No sir, not at all. It's a big rivalry for us."

Q: Did you grow up a Carolina fan?
A: "I did."

Q: So you grew up not liking State, right?
A: "I wouldn't say that. I just love Carolina. State is State. I really don't care to much for them but at the same time I just love Carolina."

Q: Did NC State recruit you?
A: "No they did not."

Do you remember the logo controversy?
A: Yes, I remember when the NC State team came over and stomped on our logo. However, we are not going to stomp on logos purely out of respect. We are going to celebrate as a team. Every team has their own way of celebrating but we try to be the better ones and celebrate on our own. A lot of our players took State's action as disrespect but we know we are bigger and better than that."

Will that be a factor in this game?
A: "No. Our factor will be just winning; it's not about stomping on logos, it's all about winning."

Jacque Lewis, Junior Tailback:

Q: What's going on with the running game?
A: "I can say that I have rushed eight times this season. All of us have been running hard. We have not been able to run the ball every game because of the way things have been turning out lately but this week we are hoping we can run the ball more so we can open up the passing game more so Darian Durant can take less hits."

Q: Have you seen any improvements in the running game over the past three games?
A: "We are running the ball more effectively this year. We are making things happen out there on the field; we are making big plays as we run. I think we are running the ball a lot harder this year than last year."

Q: Did you think you would be running the ball more this year?
A: "Yes, coming into the season I did, but, after the first game I talked to my coaches about it. I go into every week not knowing what my job is as to whether I'm going to be receiving or running the ball out. I really didn't think I was going to run the ball six times against Wisconsin but that's the way it turned out and that's the way I have to accept it. I want to go along with the game plan."

Q: Is hard for you guys as a group not knowing who are going to play and how much playing time your going to get?
A: "I thinks it's hard for everybody because we all want to be out there. I don't think it's being selfish but it's just being a player. We all work hard and we all want to carry the ball and we know that there are four of us and we know that all four of us are not going to get a lot of carries in. We know who ever is in there must get the job done and whoever is not must do whatever is asked of him."

Q: Is there a building resentment between the offense and the defense?
A: "We are a team and we are growing and getting better and no one is going to point fingers at one another."

Q: North Carolina is a twenty point underdog against State. Does that bother you?
A: "I don't know about my teammates, but I don't read the newspapers or look at the Internet. I actually like being the underdog because when we come out on top everybody is on our bandwagon and that excites me a lot."

Q: Coach Bunting said he was proud of your performance last few weeks. Is that something you want to keep building on?
"Actually, I don't know what that means as far as me running the ball, but, I know that whatever position they put me in going into the weekend, I am going to work hard whether it's running the ball or receiving the ball or blocking for someone running the ball. I am going to do whatever needs to be done to make my team better on offense."

Darian Durant, Junior Quarterback:

Q: How do you rate your performance against Wisconsin?
A: "I know I could have played better. I messed on small reads. On one play I know I forgot to send someone in motion. There were a lot of things that went wrong that can be corrected."

Q: You are twenty point underdogs; does that bother you?
A: "No, not at all. We have been the underdog the past two years in every game so it doesn't bother me. "

Q: Doesn't twenty points sting?
A: "Yes it does, just to think that people think that we are that bad. But, we'll surprise a lot of them."

Q: How do you take it as a personal challenge going up against Phillip Rivers?
A: "It's a big thing for me when I know I am going up against probably the best quarterback in the ACC and maybe the best one in the country. It is just a thrill for me to go up against guy like him."

Q: How much have you thought about the fumble you had against State last year -- the fumble that turned the game around. Do you think about that at all?
A: "I don't think about it too much. I try not to think about the bad things that happen. I try to focus on the good. While watching film, I don't pay much attention to the bad plays I made but instead I pay attention to those plays where I did pretty good and try harder to make them a bigger play."

Q: In your mind, where is this team?
A: "I think we are almost there. Our defense played a lot better against Wisconsin. You take away the fumble that gave them the ball on the one yard line, the dropped touchdown pass and a couple of other plays, we would have been right there in that game. It's just little things that have us 0-3 right now and these are things that are definitely correctable."

Q: Do think the players are able to hang in there mentally?
A: "I think so. Coach Bunting tells us all the time, 'Don't even look at the scoreboard just go out there and play.' Just looking at the tape and noticing the things we've done wrong, we see where we need to make corrections. We know we can be a good football team."

Q: What is your mindset right now?
A: "It's good. I had a meeting with the whole offense yesterday and I told then that we must dedicate ourselves to correcting the little things that will get us beat. With dedication we can turn things around."

Q: Would have expected the running game to be better than it is right now?
A: "It's really hard to say because a lot time when you are down in a game it's really hard to see where your running game it at. It's really hard to say right now."

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