Cedric Holt Interview

Anson County HS's Cedric Holt came to Chapel Hill to see the Heels play FSU on an unofficial visit. He left as the most recent commitment to Coach Bunting's North Carolina Tar Heel football team.


  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5-11 ½
  • Weight: 185
  • 40-time: 4.4
  • Tackles: 16 in two games (out with a groin injury should return 9/30)
  • Ints: 0

    The Interview

    Inside Carolina – Congratulations to the University of North Carolina and you.
    Cedric Holt – Thanks.

    IC – Were you at the FSU game this past Saturday?
    Holt – Yes, I was.

    IC – When did Coach Bunting offer you your scholarship?
    Holt – After the game. At first, I talked to Coach Tenuta and then my parents and I went down to the players lounge to meet with Coach Bunting. He talked with my parents and me some and then he asked me if I would like to be a Tar Heel. I told him yes I would.

    IC – Were you on an official visit or an unofficial visit?
    Holt – I was on an unofficial visit.

    IC – Do you plan on visiting Chapel Hill on an official visit later?
    Holt – Yes, I suppose so.

    IC – Did you think that Coach Bunting was going to offer you a scholarship this past weekend?
    Holt – No, I was really surprised.

    IC – Who was your primary recruiter?
    Holt – Coach Brewer.

    IC – Was that the first time you had met Coach Tenuta?
    Holt – No, I attended the Carolina Football camp and met a lot of the staff then (including Coach Tenuta). He said that he liked the way that I covered man-to-man.

    IC – What does it mean to you to attend the University of North Carolina?
    Holt – It means a lot to me. I know it is a great opportunity. Not only does it mean a lot to me; it also means a lot to my family. They are encouraging me to try very hard both in school and playing football. They left it up to me where to go and said they would stand by whatever decision that I made.

    IC – Was Carolina your first choice?
    Holt – Yes sir, I have always liked Carolina. They have always been my number one choice.

    IC – Did you enjoy the FSU game?
    Holt – It was great. I was so pumped before the game hopping around and then after the game it was unbelievable.

    IC – Did you imagine what it would be like to be playing in that game?
    Holt – Yes. I really liked being out on the field. It was a great feeling.

    IC – What position were you being recruited for?
    Holt – Defensive Back.

    IC – Safety or Cornerback?
    Holt – Corner.

    IC – Any particular major in mind yet?
    Holt – No. I will start out taking general college courses until I figure out what I like.

    IC – Do you have a nickname?
    Holt – (laughing) The coaches and some of my friends and teammates call me "The Shocker" or just "Shocker". Kids in school sometimes call me Ced Holt.

    IC – What do your parents call you?
    Holt – They call me Cedric.

    IC – What should Carolina fans know about you as a football player?
    Holt – Just that I love to cover receivers. Some zone, but especially love covering man-to-man.

    IC – I have read that you have played against current Carolina corner Michael Waddell.
    Holt – I played against him my freshman year. That gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I could play against "the Rabbit".

    IC – What do you like to do when you are not playing football?
    Holt – I like going to the JV game on Thursdays with my teammates. We like to go out to eat after the game and hang out. Sunday is "mat day" when we have competition on the Playstation.

    IC – Do you look good in blue?
    Holt – I look good in everything especially sky blue.

    IC – Thank you Cedric.

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