Bowman the playmaker

Hermitage (Va.) linebacker Andrew Bowman is a lights-out type of player that is right now taking advantage of a mini-vacation from school. Due to the recent hurricane, Hermitage High is without power and school is cancelled for the week. Because of this, Bowman has been able to rest, relax, and focus on the team's game this week and continue to improve on his already solid season.

"We are 2-0 right now and I have twenty-two tackles so far," says the 6-foot-1, 220 pounder who had two dehelmeting hits last season. "I haven't had a chance to do that this year. I only played in the first half of those two games because we were winning by so much."

So with twenty-two tackles in essentially two halves, it is obvious why so many teams have Bowman at the top of their want list and why Bowman has moved into the top prospect in the state when the new rankings come out. Right now he has a top-five.

"I like (Virginia) Tech, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Purdue. That is my top-five unless somebody else big were to offer, but I do not know of any specific teams that could do that.

"Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Virginia I like because I have been watching them a lot in the past year and I feel like I know them well."

Bowman admits that it does not necessarily mean that he wants to cut Purdue and North Carolina off from his favorites list. As far as visits, Bowman is starting to really line up a busy schedule for this season.

"The only official visit I have lined up is to Tech on December 12th, but I think that will move back because of the playoffs. I am trying to get to Tennessee or Purdue during the season. I may go to Virginia this weekend and North Carolina the next weekend when they play Virginia. I am probably going to see another Tech game and I may end up making the game when they play Miami my official visit."

Andrew Bowman
(Hermitage HS)
Richmond, VA

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