Game Report: Marque Hall

MARSHVILLE, N.C. -- Marque Hall, the highly coveted 6-5 305-pound DT/OL prospect out of Forest Hills High School, has a long list of schools contending for his signature come the new year. N.C. State and UNC stand out from the crowd.

"Carolina and State lead right now. I still have Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Clemson on my list though," Hall said.

On a night when his Forest Hills team won a superb game against Mount Pleasant on a last-second field goal, Hall demonstrated the reasons why he is so highly regarded. Throughout the game he displayed a polished array of swim moves, bull rushes, and even the occasional spin while trying to disrupt the highly effective Mount Pleasant air attack. He finished the game with 2 sacks, a tackle for loss, and a forced fumble.

When asked about the strengths and weaknesses of Hall's game, assistant head coach Mike Stewart struggled to find holes in the skill set of his marquee player.

"His size people always notice, but then the quickness he has, to be that big. You see kids who are as quick as he is but aren't that big and when you put the combination together it can be brutal when he wants to go," Stewart said.

Stewart's remark about "when he wants to go" rings true after watching Hall's performance on the offensive line, where he didn't perform with nearly the intensity that he displayed while attacking the quarterback or filling gaps on the defensive interior. While he is consistently regarded as both an offensive and defensive prospect at the next level, it is on defense that his agility and skill are more readily apparent.

The recruiting battle for Hall has been intense, with programs from around the country expressing interest, according to Stewart. "It's been busy, there are a lot of people after him, just about everyone in the country as for as I can tell. His two leaders, at this point, he is very interested in N.C. State and North Carolina. I don't think he wants to go too far from home."

What, then, is the single most important factor in this recruiting battle?

"Family, without a doubt. Look at that [gesturing to his celebrating teammates]; family is what it is all about."

With UNC struggling along the defensive front this season, recruits of Marque Hall's caliber at the key defensive tackle position have assumed newfound importance. Hall was scheduled to attend the UNC vs. N.C. State game Saturday, and to make a decision in January or February.

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