Evaluating Quentin Thomas

Quentin Thomas is a Tar Heel, but how good is UNC's future point guard and what can Carolina fans expect from him in the coming years? <i>Inside Carolina</i> talked to the experts this morning ...

"When people talk about Quentin Thomas they talk about a guy who has a little bit bigger size and little bit better athleticism. He's played at a high level of high school basketball, playing with Leon Powe at Oakland Tech. The thing for Thomas is a lot of the pieces are there athletic wise – we're just waiting to see him become a leader and take over at that position. The skill package that he has, that's why he's ranked high as a prospect. There are still some pieces he needs to put together, but there's no doubt he's got plenty of tools.

"I don't think North Carolina is going to need, with the current situation and personnel, their point guard to be their best player. I think QT, with those kind of athletes and basketball players around him, will be able to get quality minutes as a freshman at UNC." – Dave Telep, TheInsidersHoops.com

"Quentin Thomas is an unselfish point guard who has made a transition over the past two years from playing on the wing as a sophomore to being a true distributor. Roy Williams has always liked him and he was on him very early. Even his sophomore year, when he was playing the ‘2,' Roy was on him. He's a good athlete and he has good form on his shot, but he needs to be more consistent and he needs to get stronger.

"He seems to have a good grasp of half court offense, better than most guards in the class, he appears just a year or two away from being really good … he's not a top 50 prospect based on what he did this summer, but rather based on what we expect him to do. He's going to be one of those guys who is going to be a lot better in college than what people expected.

" I like his instincts, but he hasn't played the position his whole life and you can tell that. As they become habit, that's when he'll blossom. If you break his game down into components, he really shows up well. If you look at his effectives, it's not quite as good.

"What will it take? I think it's experience and strength. There's no reason to think he can't play at UNC – I don't think anyone will question he's at their level. He's certainly not a Raymond Felton, and no should expect him to be, but he'll be a very solid four-year point guard in Roy Williams' system. There is a question about how quickly he'll be ready to start, but I don't think there's any question about his talent level. It's just a matter of polish." – Rob Harrington, PrepStars.com

"Quentin Thomas has everything that you look for in a point guard. He has a great frame, with an explosive, live body. He is very quick, with an excellent handle and passing ability. He has great vision, with a very good feel and he's unselfish to a fault. He has a good shot to the three-point line, with a nice, smooth stroke. He's a very good defender, but could get even better. At 6-3, with very long arms, Thomas has the potential to be a great, lockdown defender, witht the ability to defend either point guards or shooting guards. He has extremely quick hands and he anticipates very well when playing the passing lanes.

"Thomas doesn't always look for his shot -- although we've seen games where he's made 4-5 threes -- and that may have affected some analyst's opinion of him. We thought he was one of the more underrated players in the country when we saw some of the national rankings. Along with Marvin Williams and Robert Swift, we feel Thomas has as much upside as any player in the west." – Greg Hicks, West Coast Recruiting Analyst for TheInsidersHoops.com

"Quentin Thomas is a true point guard who gets his teammates involved before he looks for his own shot. He leads by example and his actions rather than words and definitely needs to work on improving his outside shot and cut down on dribbling too much, but with that said UNC is still getting arguably the top remaining point guard in the class (besides Shaun Livingston). With all of the weapons that Roy Williams will surround a point guard with, Thomas should be an ideal fit for the Tar Heels - plus, there is a high probability he will remain all four years in Chapel Hill - as opposed to someone like Livingston, who will likely bolt after a year or so." – Jeff Goodman, Inside Carolina

"Long armed athletic floor general with great size for the point. Extremely quick with the ball. Very good change of direction guy who's adept at beating defenders off the dribble. Fine leaper and finisher who likes to get to the basket. Can penetrate and pass to the post. Finds cutters on the baseline. Does a good job pushing the ball on the break. Sometimes plays a little too fast and we've seen him get careless with the ball. Average perimeter shooter. Great potential because of his physical gifts. Should be able to deliver quality minutes right away, though he may need some seasoning before he's ready to grab the point guard reigns full time in the ACC." – Rob Matera, All Star Report

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