Demario Minter Interview

Inside Carolina talked with the best senior cornerback in the state of Georgia, Demario Minter. I want to thank Demario and his family for providing Inside Carolina the opportunity to talk about his recruitment.


  • HS: Stephenson (Stone Mountain, Georgia)
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 180
  • 40-time: 4.3
  • Ints (through 4 games): 2
  • Tackles: 20
  • Position: Cornerback
  • Accolades: Nike camp All-American
  • Favorite Schools: UGA, UNC, GaT, Aub, Clem, Ohio ST
  • Offers: UGA, GaT, Aub, Ohio St.
    Inside Carolina: Demario, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Which of your favorites are recruiting you the hardest?
    Demario Minter: They are all recruiting me about the same.

    IC : Have you set up any official visits?
    Minter : No, not yet.

    IC: Have you ever been to Chapel Hill?
    Minter: No, but I have heard a lot of things about it.

    IC: Have you met any of the new staff?
    Minter: I met Coach Huxtable last spring when he came to our school and I have talked to him on the phone, but I have not met any of the other coaches.

    IC: What do you like about UNC?
    Minter: I could see myself playing in powder blue. They have one of the best defensive backs coaches in the country. I also like it that the staff is new and I would be new. I feel like we could kind of grow together.

    IC: Is there anything you do not like about Carolina?
    Minter: No. I like everything about Carolina.

    IC: What was your favorite school growing up?
    Minter: UNC.

    IC: You were at the NIKE camp in Atlanta. What was that like?
    Minter: It was really a good experience for me. All the other players had spikes and I had turf shoes but I still feel like I held my own against some of the best wide receivers around. In Georgia, most of the wide receivers are all about speed. I had an opportunity at the NIKE camp to go against receivers that were fast and good route runners.

    IC: A couple of players I remember that you fared well against were Mario Raley and Eric Leak from Charlotte.
    Minter: Yes, I feel like I played well against them.

    IC: What is the best part of your game?
    Minter: I just love the game. I also really like playing aggressive.

    IC: Do you have any favorite players or players you try to model your game after?
    Minter: Deion, Champ Bailey, and Fred Smoot are the players I like.

    IC: What is the most important thing to you in choosing a school?
    Minter: I want a place that I can feel comfortable at. I want to connect with the coaches and players. I am also looking for a school that has my major, business. I know that Carolina has one of the top twenty business schools in the country.

    IC: Does your family have a preference where you play?
    Minter: My mom will play a significant role in choosing where I go. I think she is pretty much where I am as far as being open.

    IC: How has your high school team done so far?
    Minter: We are 3-1 so far.

    IC: I know that Carolina is recruiting another player from your team, a defensive lineman named Cannon.
    Minter: Yes, that's Brandon Cannon. We're a package deal. We're planning on going to the same school.

    IC: How does Brandon like Carolina?
    Minter: He is interested in Carolina too.

    IC: When do you think you will decide?
    Minter: Later on in the season after I have taken my official visits.

    IC: Maybe November?
    Minter: Yes, that will probably be about right.

    IC: I followed your interviews over the spring and summer and noticed that earlier in the year Carolina was your favorite school but as the summer progressed UNC slipped back a bit. Was that because UNC hadn't offered you but other schools had?
    Minter: Yes and there was a period of time when Carolina was not contacting me very much. After talking with Coach Huxtable though, I think they will be offering me soon.

    IC: Anything you would like to say to Carolina fans?
    Minter: Well, just try to get me in there.

    IC: Thank you for your time Demario.

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