Gym Rats: Keith Butler

<i>IC</i> corresponent Dan Baker watched Keith Butler this past weekend at the Gym Rats Midnight Madness in Cherry Hill, NJ and spoke with him briefly afterwards.

Scouting Report: Keith Butler moves pretty well for a 7-footer. But, it has been said that all-star games are not made for 7-footers. That is probably true for Butler. The transition game is not his game. He's not slow, but isn't going to sprint up and down the court to score every play, either. He worked, but didn't battle for position and hit only 2 shots from the floor, both dunks, slapping the backboard on each occasion, which did not endear him to me. With someone to light his fire, Butler could be a real good player in college, as he has the tools.

IC: First off, where are you currently going to school?

Butler: Celestial Academy, in Philadelphia.

IC: How do you like it so far?

Butler: They're treating me all right, and I'm here with a bunch of my teammates.

IC: Who is recruiting you right now?

Butler: Well, I'm hearing from Carolina, Miami, Illinois and a couple of other schools.

IC: How often do you hear from these schools?

Butler: I hear about every other day.

IC: Written or telephone?

Butler: Mostly letters, but they call as well.

IC: Who is doing the bulk of the recruiting for the schools, the head coaches or the assistants?

Butler: It seems like everybody. I hear from both.

IC: Who do you hear from the most from Carolina?

Butler: I hear from Coach sometimes, but mostly I hear from Q.

IC: What do you think of Q?

Butler: He seems like a real nice guy.

IC: Have you scheduled any visits to any of the schools recruiting you?

Butler: Not yet. I'm working on some.

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