Heels keeping close tabs on Costner

Brandon Costner is one of those guys you're going to hear a lot about in the next year. The Seton Hall Prep standout is playing in this weekend's Eddie Griffin Challenge and has already had an impressive list of suitors visit him in September.

Seton Hall Prep junior forward Brandon Costner averaged only 8 points and 7 rebounds last year. Still, we've got him at No. 21 in our pre-season Class of 2005 poll. Why you ask? Because he's ready to take the next step.

"We started four seniors and a sophomore last year," Costner said. This year, he's looking more to be like a 20 point, 15 rebound guy. If the AAU season is any indication – and history tells us it is – then 2004 is going to be his year. Costner was also an all-star at the ABCD Camp.

He's got a variety of skills and the genes to boot. His father played in the Atlantic 10 and briefly in the NBA. Brandon has a great touch and range on his jumper. His skill package is diverse. Think back to July and here's what was said about him on this site after the first day at the Big Time.

Brandon Costner, PF, Playaz Red: We saw him play one game today and heard from 10 people how well he played in the other. He's a face-up four man who, if he ever gets as comfortable on the block as he is on the perimeter, will be an absolute terror. He's skilled and improving at a pretty good pace. He's a legit threat beyond the arc.

Colleges were watching him in the summer and they continue to follow him now. In September, UCLA, UNC, Stanford, North Carolina State, Kansas, Clemson, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Georgetown and Seton Hall sent assistants to watch him. Clemson sent head coach Oliver Purnell.

Costner has already been to Virginia, UNC, Georgetown, NC State, Villanova, Temple and Drexel for unofficial visits.

Every high school junior in America can stand to improve and Costner is no different. He realizes there's work to be done. "I found a lot of stuff [last summer] that I need to improve on like foot speed and aggressiveness. … I would think passing is the strongest part [of my game]."

Passing, shooting, scoring, Costner has the ability to get it done. He's hungry and driven and ready for the season to get started.

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