Bunting Press Conference Quotes

Opening Statement : "We concluded the first half with a win, that was good. We are getting ready for the second half of the season and we have a bunch of very fine football teams to play, starting with the most important one, which is Arizona State, a team that we had an absolute barnburner with last year out in Tempe. It was a heck of a ball game for those who were there. For those that listened to Woody [Durham], I'm sure you were entertained all evening, you probably couldn't sleep all night. It was an exciting football game. They have some valiant football players. They lost a couple great receivers, but their receivers are making plays, their quarterback is outstanding. They are a very athletic and fast football team. They are a little bit different on defense, which has given us some problems in the past. We hope that we can continue our trend of playing a little bit better each week on defense, which we did. I'm anxious to see our special teams compete against theirs because they are very, very talented and our kids, as you know, have been playing well."

Q: Who does Andrew Walter remind you of?
A: "He has a strong arm, he is athletic enough to get out of the pocket and buy time. You know, I wouldn't say he is Phillip Rivers, I'd say he is more comparable to Matt Schaub. He doesn't necessarily want to run, he has a classical overhead delivery. He's accurate, he throws the deep ball, he has all the throws. He is very much the complete package. He is a guy that last year, going into the game, they were throwing a lot of deep balls and making a lot of circus catches. They have now responded this past week against Oregon by doing that again. It is pretty scary to watch the guy. He is really good. They do a great job with their offense. They can be methodical and run the football really well and then they can spread you out and isolate you and throw a pinpoint pass to the receivers who make catches. Their receivers are very, very active. They have great hands. This Fulton, number 18, is real special. He made a circus catch against us last year with three players all over him, right down on our sideline. I'll never forget it. I couldn't believe he hung on to that ball. Plus he plays all their special teams. He is a real, real good football player."

Q: They have 21 sacks in six games. Is that because of what they have up front?
A: "They are very good up front. They remind me somewhat of Wisconsin. Their tackles are physical, their ends are fast. They are very talented up front. They are equal to Wisconsin, right around where Florida State was. That is saying something because I have a tremendous amount of respect for those squads' front four."

Q: What did the progress of your running game mean last week?
A: "[In the] fourth quarter it meant a lot. We showed what we can do. It was a combination of what both the line did and particularly what the running backs did. I think they did a terrific job. Obviously when you are able to run a little bit, and stop the run a little bit, it makes the whole outcome a little different."

Q: What has Mike Mason brought to this team?
A: "I'm going to repeat myself one more time on this, but four newcomers to our football program scored touchdowns the other night. That is remarkable. Mike has got a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy to play. He wants to be out there all the time. As he grows in our offense, he'll get more and more repetitions. He's out there on special teams making plays as a gunner, running down a punt team, just at break-neck speed. He is out there on kickoff returns doing a great job for us. He just loves to be on the field, he loves to play football, he loves Carolina. He is a joy to be around."

Q: What did winning do for the guys?
A: "I heard our players were dancing with the band and inside the locker room singing the fight song. I'm just really thrilled they were able to get a win over there against East Carolina. And of course every place I go, you know when I go to Greenville/Spartanburg its going to be 'You've got to win one down here 'cause we live here', or when we go to Winston-Salem it's 'You've got to win here, because we live in Winstom-Salem.' I understand all that. We were able to please some people who live in Greenville, North Carolina, so that is terrific for them. It is really important for our football team to experience the thrill of victory, because it has certainly suffered a great deal with some of the tough losses to some pretty good football teams. I don't need to tell you that, but the schedule we played is tough. I think that will make us better down the road. I look forward to playing out the rest of this schedule."

Q: Where are the defensive backs right now?
A: "We have had some problems fielding corners out there. Now for the second week in a row we started Chris Hawkins and Lionell Green. Lionell Green is making a significant amount of progress. He is going to be a really, really good player. He had to go threw some growth coming from a junior college to a division one program, and coming in relatively late to our program, we had already started training camp when he got here. So, I love his progress. He is a great kid. He is really tackling well for us."

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