NBA not on Williams' mind

Despite all of the speculation that he will head straight to the NBA and never don a Tar Heels uniform, Marvin Williams is adamant that currently the pros are not on his mind.

"I'm not thinking about the NBA at all," said the Bremerton High (Wash.) senior forward, who chose UNC over Arizona and Washington a few months back. "God will take care of everything and whatever happens, happens. Right now I'm going to college."

However, even Williams admits it would be difficult to turn down the NBA if scouts and those in-the-know have him projected in next year's lottery.

"You'd have to look at it closely if that's what happens," Williams added. "But it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go."

Between playing Madden 2004 on Playstation 2 and occasionally still breaking out the old-school Nintendo, Williams is also working on his game with his father and another friend.

What specifically is Williams trying to hone before he leaves Bremerton High?

"Everything," said Williams, who mentioned that his toughest matchup this past summer came against Dwight Howard. "You've got to work on everything."

He has yet to pick up the new Harry Potter book (he said that his free time is rare now that school started), but has plenty of positives things to say about his fellow UNC commits.

"Quentin (Thomas), J.R. (Smith) and JamesOn (Curry) are all great players, so I think we're going to help out a lot," Williams said. "I can't tell you exactly how we're going to do, but hopefully we can come in as freshman and work hard and learn from the older guys."

Williams will watch the Tar Heels on television this year, but isn't the type to plan his schedule around UNC's appearances on national TV – or record games on the VCR.

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