Interview with Victor Worsley

Inside Carolina talks with a tough linebacker from North Edgecombe


  • High School: North Edgecombe
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 225
  • 40-time: 4.6
  • BP: 330
  • Position: LB/FB
  • Tackles 47 (through 5 games)
  • Sacks: 2
  • Current Favorites: UNC leads ECU
  • Offers: ECU (offered sophomore year), UNC, Clem, and Boston College

    Inside Carolina: Which school is recruiting you the hardest?
    Victor Worsley: Carolina

    IC : Have you visited any schools?
    Worsley : I went to the FSU/Carolina game on an unofficial visit.

    IC: How did you like that game?
    Worsley: I really enjoyed it.

    IC: Did you have a favorite school growing up?
    Worsley: No, not really.

    IC: Have you set any official visits?
    Worsley: Not yet.

    IC: I noticed earlier in the spring that you had listed NCST as your favorite and now UNC leads. What has changed since the spring to change your mind?
    Worsley: I camped at NCST and initially I liked their program but recently I grown to favor Carolina.

    IC: When do you think that you will decide, soon or later?
    Worsley: Probably later on in the season.

    IC: Do you plan on attending any more Carolina games?
    Worsley: I plan to go to the ECU/Carolina game this weekend on an unofficial visit.

    IC: What do you like about Carolina?
    Worsley: I like the academics, the new staff and the campus.

    IC: What do you like about ECU?
    Worsley: Mainly that it is close to where I live. Greenville is about 45 minutes from my house. Chapel Hill is about an hour and a half.

    IC: What are the most important things to you when choosing a school?
    Worsley: Academics and early playing time.

    IC: Have you decided on what you would like to major in?
    Worsley: I haven't really decided yet.

    IC: Does your family have a preference where you play?
    Worsley: They are pretty much leaving it up to me.

    IC: Where do most of your friends want you to play?
    Worsley: Most people want me to go to Carolina.

    IC: What makes you a good player?
    Worsley: I think it is that I understand what is going on the field. I spend time studying game film and I think I do a good job preparing for an opponent.

    IC: Who is your primary recruiter?
    Worsley: Coach Browning.

    IC: Have you met Coach Huxtable the LBs coach?
    Worsley: I have met him but I haven't really gotten the chance to get to know him.

    IC: Thanks for talking with us Victor and good luck with your season.

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