UNC-ASU: Locker Room Report

Jeb Terry

What were you thinking about when you were standing on the sidelines watching Arizona State's last offensive drive?

That they shouldn't have even have had a drive. It was third [down] and two feet or something. We couldn't convert. [If] we make that first down, the game is over.

Is there any tougher loss than like this?

Not really. No.

What happened on that third-down play?

I don't know. We got stopped. It was the third consecutive time that we ran that one play. He got stopped, but I couldn't tell you what happened until we look at the film tomorrow.

Can you share your thoughts and emotions right now?

I can't really describe them. I'm just really p---ed off. It's been a while since we've had a home win, and I wanted it so bad. It didn't turn out the way we wanted, so we have to come back to work tomorrow and figure out what we can do to make our wrongs right.

Did you feel like the game was under control in the last few minutes?

Yeah. It thought we'd get that first down, but we didn't.

On a positive note, it seemed like you got the running game going today, with a higher yards-per-rush average.

That doesn't matter. We didn't do what we needed to. We get that third-and-one and the game is over and we are in here smiling and happy--not like this. There was no success anywhere in this game for us. I take responsibility on myself and for the O-line for not getting that first down. I don't know what happened; I just know he got stopped and you shouldn't get stopped for one yard.

Darian Durant

What were you thinking on Arizona State's last drive?

I was thinking what I was thinking the whole game--we need a stop.

Did you think you would get that last stop?

Oh, yeah. I'm never going to feel like we aren't going to stop anybody.

This seems the hardest way possible to lose a football game. What are your thoughts?

It's tough, but it's a learning experience, and I've been in a couple games like this before. I've been on the winning and losing side, so it's tough, but we still have a long way to go. We just have to bounce back.

Do you get tired of learning things this way?

You don't. Whenever you learn something that is beneficial in life and on the field, you never get tired of learning something.

What was it like in the locker room after the game?

I guess we were just dumbfounded. It was the last play of the game, so it really hasn't sunk in yet.

Will you replay the last two offensive series in your mind and think "an inch here and this thing is over" or something like that?

I'm not that type of thinker. My mentality is that a first down you don't get in the first quarter is just as important as one in the fourth quarter. So those last two drives--they were important--but it's not like that.

Larry Edwards

On defense you still gave up some yards today, but you seemed to hold them on some of the big plays. Is that an encouraging sign?

Most definitely. To hold a team to field goals and to hold them like we did today gives us enthusiasm. We bent but didn't break, and that's a big key. We have to work hard this week and fix our mistakes.

What was going through your mind when you didn't get the first down on third-and-one and you knew you had to go back out and stop them?

I just thought we had the game locked up. I thought we could hold them for that little while. I thought, as a team, we'd go out and get this victory, but mental mistakes here and there cost us the game.

You had another good individual game. How does that make you feel?

That doesn't matter to me. We play for each other, and I feel I played OK for my team. We played with great spirit, and I feel like my teammates played good for me as well. When they make good plays, it makes me want to make even more. That's the attitude I have, and I can't blame anybody for this loss. We played a good defensive game and had a breakdown here and there. We have to get better mentally and fundamentally.

Is it harder to lose the game in this fashion?

Most definitely. I'd rather be blown out than to lose like this. This hurts you deep because you feel like everything is locked up. We came back from a deficit and held them on key plays. We gave up the big play at the end, so that hurt us really bad.

Michael Harris

What kind of route was that last play?

It was a corner route. The dude made a great throw and a great catch. That's all I can say about it.

Is it tougher to lose this way?

It's tough either way. The guys played their hearts out, our coaches coached their hearts out. To come up short with three seconds on the clock is very disappointing. Either way, a loss is a loss, and it hurts.

Did you think there was enough room for a legal catch?

I didn't think that, but what happened happened. It was a touchdown and we lost the ball game.

Did you expect their quarterback to make a throw like that?

He's a Heisman candidate from some things I've read, but I expect to make that play.

Was that man-to-man defense?

If he makes inside release, I have him all the way. That was my man.

Is there a way to defend that play?

There is, but, with a great throw, there's not much you can do about that. I should have made a play.

It looked like it hit you pretty hard when the referee signaled the touchdown and you lay there on the ground.

I'm a fifth-year senior. If we are going to lose, I'd rather lose that way. I've put in a lot of hard work and hard time. That was disappointing.

This seems like a really tough, emotional loss. Can you guys get up this week to play?

We are the University of North Carolina. There is a lot pride here, and we are going to get up and be ready to play.

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