Howard returns from Chapel Hill

The question will follow Dwight Howard for the rest of the season: Will he attend college? Everyone has an opinion, but the outcome remains to be seen. However, it is newsworthy that the athletic big man made the trip up to Chapel Hill last weekend for an official visit including "Late Night with Roy Williams." Howard said that he had a blast.

"Yes sir," Howard said. "It was great. They did a real good job with that. I didn't know some of those (players) had it in them to do the things that they did. But there was so much energy in there. I got a good feeling from the people at North Carolina."

Howard was surprised by some of the antics during the festivities as well, and nothing more prominently than Roy Williams' dance routine.

"I didn't know Coach Williams could dance," Howard said. "That was a trip."

Howard had his name screamed and chanted by the Carolina faithful during the festivities as well as seeing his jersey number and name written in light blue on a big poster jersey. He offered his thoughts on the plethora of attention from the audience.

"It felt great to be honest, but it also made me nervous a bit too," he explained. "I didn't know whether I was supposed to stand up and aknowledge them or what. I guess I just didn't know how to react to (the attention) but it was great. The Carolina people are great."

Most college basketball analysts and NBA draft gurus expect Howard to opt for the pros after the draft and many informed folks think that he'll be one of the top three players selected, if not the first overall.

"I'm not looking at it like a business decision," Howard said. "I just don't know how to answer that right now. It's hard to turn down (being projected so high) that. But it's just hard [to decide]. I don't know."

Besides having his name chanted and enjoying the festivities late Friday night, Howard got a chance to talk with Raymond Felton, his visit host, and also watched the Tar Heels' first practice on Saturday evening.

"Raymond was great. He and I got to talk a lot and I really enjoyed hanging out with him," Howard said. "As for the team practice, I was really impressed with how hard the team went. They really got after each other and pushed each other. They really worked hard. The freshman, Reyshawn Terry, was really impressive. After Coach got on him, he straightened up and really got after it. He's good. And he just worked so hard. He ran hard."

The biggest uncertainty remains, not which college to attend, but whether or not to choose college over the NBA.

"That's tough to say because my thoughts are on high school right now. But I'd give it fifty-percent right now," he answered.

If the chances of Howard attending college are indeed fifty percent -- one would have to like UNC's chances. But as of now, Howard is being projected very high in the 2004 NBA Draft. And that's not an easy thing to turn your back on.

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