UNC-Clemson post game: Clemson players

Clemson players discuss Saturday's game...

Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst
"I think that was one of the worst games I've played all year. Our defense kept us in it by making plays. Derrick Hamilton made a bunch of big plays for us, too. Then we came out on top, but a win is a win. When they were in press man coverage, we wanted to get behind them. But they run so well in the secondary, you have to throw up some jump balls. Maybe not jump balls, but definitely high-percentage underthrows."

Cornerback Justin Miller:
"We gave up a lot of yards, but we kept working hard and forcing turnovers. That was our strategy on defense today. We wanted to create turnovers. The final turnover was a big one. We really needed that. They were almost in the end zone for a score, but we stopped them right there. That gave us the win at the end."

Kicker Aaron Hunt:
"I have a good little streak going over the last couple of games. It just comes from practice and hard work, so it feels good. It has helped me relax a little bit. You have to be confident at this position. After you get a few under your belt, it gives you that little edge. Instead of doubts, you get the feeling that you know you can do it. You always want to go out there and do your best."

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