UNC-Clemson post game: Tommy Bowden

Tigers head coach addresses media following the game...

On the play of the offense:
"My hat is off to Coach Bunting and the North Carolina coaching staff. They lost a tough game last week that came down to the wire. They have a very talented team and a very talented quarterback. One thing about the team here in Clemson is that they have not quit. We've played a bunch of 60-minute games and we have given a great effort. We did not play our best game defensively, but we won the game. When we can play not as good on the most important side of the ball and still win the game, it says a lot about our team."

On the running game:
"It was the first game where we had a back rush for over 100 yards in Duane Coleman, and we rushed for over 200 yards. We look at how their safeties are playing and either run it or throw it accordingly. The offensive staff, Brad Scott, Burton Burns, Mike O'Cain, Ron West, Dabo Swinney, did a good job of preparation. The offense played well. We had a bad second quarter, but we played well the rest of the game."

On the fourth quarter:
"Derrick Hamilton had a great game to bounce back from last week. Aaron Hunt is now six for six since he started off badly. Our snapper went down sick so Josh Smith stepped in and did a great job, with Cole Chason holding. Offensively we responded well. Hamilton's kickoff return was big. Burton Burns coaches that team.
"We did not play our best game defensively, but our offense generated over 500 yards. We had some big plays by Charlie Whitehurst and some skill players. The offensive line did a good job run blocking and we had some big plays by the backs. It's always good when your offensive guys respond by to scoring by the opponent. It was the opposite of last week where the offense did not play as well, but the defense had a good game.

On illegal touching:
"That's when a receiver steps out of bounds and comes back in. It happened twice with them and once with Duane Coleman on a scramble. I've never seen it called that many times in a game."

On the offensive line play:
"They have run really well blocking for backs. Coming into this game, we were second in the nation in lost fumbles with backs and all our skill people. They've done a good job holding onto the football."

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