Ralph Friedgen's Tuesday Press Conference

Terps' head coach talks about Saturday's home game versus North Carolina.

On the game against Georgia Tech: "It was a tough loss. It was a hard-fought game. I thought they made the plays at the time they had to and came away with a victory. Last night I met with our seniors and we had a good practice. We just have to pick up where we left off and get back to our winning ways."

On North Carolina: "They are a very good football team. They have had tough losses against Syracuse, I think they lost 49-47 in overtime. They lost to Arizona State by two points and if you all saw the game last week against Clemson they really should have won that football game. This is one of the better offensive teams we have faced, they can both run it and throw it. Their quarterback (Darian) Durant is mobile, athletic, has a very strong arm and is a very dangerous quarterback.

"Defensively, they are playing a lot of kids. I'm amazed that they are playing as many people as Florida State is. It's hard to find out who their starters are because they're changing them so much. I think there was a time in the Clemson game when they substituted their entire front seven."

On the meeting with the seniors: "Well, leadership was brought up, I just think we have to play better as a team. I told them that they still have control of their futures over the next four games. This is one of the tougher times here within my stint here at Maryland. This is probably the toughest part of our schedule and we are not playing well on one side of the ball and playing good on the other two. To me it's not important how you win the game as long as you win the game. I would have been very, very happy to have won the game 3-0 the other night. We've had to look hard at what we need to do as coaches and what we need to do as players. We looked better last night at practice. But practice hasn't been the problem, the games have been the problem. What we have to do is transfer that over into the games, and I really think that has to come from the seniors if it's going to get done."

On injuries to key players: "One of the things I've never been is a guy who makes excuses for injuries, but we've had more things happen this year than we have in the past. A lot of it has been with our offensive line, and to those kids' credit, they've been playing through the injuries. And yet, they haven't been able to get where their technique is and needs to be. Take a guy like Lamar Bryant, who missed two-a-day practices where all your fundamentals are learned, and then comes back, hurts his shoulder, and everyone else is in midseason form but he's not. So that's one of the things we've been dealing with the best we can."

On team morale: "The thing I want to see our guys get, and I really think its critical that we find this: I watch teams like Georgia Tech, I watch teams like North Carolina, I watch teams like Duke, and these kids are playing hard, and they're playing excited and having fun. Sometimes I watch our guys and it looks like it's work. So we have to get back to having fun out there."

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