Player Quotes from Tuesday's Press Conference

Ronnie McGill - Freshman Tailback

Q: "What was it like for you playing at Clemson, given that you grew up in South Carolina?
A: "It felt pretty good; I had a lot of friends and family at the game. It felt really good because I knew a lot of people were coming to watch me play."

Q: How have you adjusted as the season has progressed?
A: "I feel really comfortable because I'm becoming adjusted to the speed of the game and the tendencies of the other players. I'm fitting in well with everybody. Things are going really well."

Q: How much do you think your injuries set you back?
A: "It really didn't set me back that much; I was cramping up mostly and I have gotten over that for the most part."

Q: After two tough losses in a row, how hard will it be to get up for Maryland?
A: "Like any other time we lose, I try to put the loss out of my mind and try to focus on the next game and not worry about the prior game."

Q: Given the talent on this team, do you feel encouraged about the future?
A: "We feel like it is going to take us a little while to get there; in a year or two we feel we can compete for an ACC championship and hopefully we can do better than that by my senior year."

Q: What was it about UNC football that appealed to you?
A: "It was the talent that had been recruited the year before I showed up. I figured if I come here I can be a part of a good thing. When I came I knew I was going to have to wait a while and hopefully it will happen. I am happy to be here."

Q; How many times did you run the ball during a game while in high school?
A: "I got around 19 per game. Sometimes I carried the ball 20-plus."

Q: Do you get stronger as the game goes on?
A: "I mostly do the same thing from the first quarter to the fourth quarter, so it seems like as the game goes on I tend to wear down the defense because I am a lot more powerful than other running backs. The fourth quarter is normally when I start to pick up a little bit."

Q: Was it a hard decision to leave high school in the middle of your senior year and come to Carolina?
A: "It was difficult to leave my friends. As far as playing football, I knew I could come in here and get ahead of the game and help out my team a little bit better."

Q: As you look back on the season, how much did it help you by being here during the Spring?
A: "A whole lot because I learned about the speed of the game and I feel like I can make better reads."

Q: How much have you improved from this weekends Maryland game than when you set foot on the field in the Florida State game?
A: "I believed I have improved a lot because I was making freshman mistakes that I was clearly going to make and since the FSU game I have clearly cut down on them. When I step out there Saturday I will see things a lot more clearly and will know how to make better reads. Also, I am adjusting to the blocking schemes."

Jeb Terry - Senior Offensive Guard

Q: [Question regarding hosting recruits]
A: "When the recruits come to Chapel Hill on a visit I try to be honest with then. I try to relate to them by telling what it is I to be at UNC. I want to speak to them in such a way as to make them ask questions. I take them around the facilities here and introduce them to the players. Often times, if we, the team, after meeting with the recruit, feel that the recruit does not fit in with the team the coaches would want us to tell them so. The coaches want to know if this guy would fit in- would he be happy here."

Q: So if a recruit ask if you believe the coaches can get the job done, or do the coaches know what they are doing -- how would you respond?
A: "Definitely, yes. I personally think next year will be a great year and I am kind of jealous that this is my last season. Although our record doesn't show it, there is a good thing brewing here. We are not really losing a great deal of players next season on offense or defense. There is a huge core of talent in place that will have game experience. I think the fact that we've had these tough losses over and over again will teach us how to win. I would tell the recruit that this is a great place and to ask yourself, would you be happy here if you were not able to play football because you never know when the team is not going to have success and you never know when you might get hurt. Simply, picture yourself here if you didn't play football."

Q: Given what you have been through, do you think you have had a long career?
A: It really hit me last week after the Clemson game; I was thinking that this is the last time I am going to play here Death Valley and that there is only four games left in the season and those thoughts made the time I have spent here seem to go by quickly. I tell you though, back in my freshman year when I got hurt, the time past slowly. Having to red shirt and play on the scout team and help out the defense was hard to deal with. Yet, it made me the player I have been trying to become. That period made me more mature; it taught me how to deal with injuries. For a while I thought I would never play again because my ankle was pretty messed up. All and all, the time has flown by."

Q: How are the special teams playing this year?
A: "I think the special teams are leaps and bounds better than they were last year. Coach Webster has been doing a great job getting them ready to play every week. We have a special teams meeting on Tuesdays and ever Sunday. We watch all the special team plays as a team, so it is more of a team thing than special teams. Their attitude is, they want to get the job done. They have had a mishap here and there but that is going to happen throughout the season. Coach Webster had been coaching them like a man on a mission, and he will get them prepared for the Maryland game."

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